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Fantasy Sex
Add Another Dimension
Emily Dubberley
ISBN: 9781859062722
3 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 3 1/2
272 pages
March 1, 2010


Packed with fantasy tips and games, you can work your way through the book in order or choose a section that suits your particular fantasies. The Fantasy Cards dare you to venture into new and exciting scenarios with your lover. And the fantasy mask and Dickie bow tie—to be worn with pride!—will help get you started.

Voted the number sex guru in the UK, Emily Dubberley is a journalist and author specializing in sex and relationships. Her other books/kits include Sexy Ways to Play, Bound to Please, and Mindblowing Mornings and Naughty Nights.
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Kit contains 12 Fantasy Cards, Dickie bow tie, and book.

Connections - North America

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