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Spiritual Toolbox
Meditations and Spiritual Exercises to Expedite Spiritual Growth
Sherri Cortland
ISBN: 9781886940437
Book (Paperback)
Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
250 pages
September 1, 2013


With her third book, Spiritual Toolbox, Cortland continues her search for the truth about who we are and why we’re here, as she shares channeled information communicated through automatic writing by her Guide Group, whom she affectionately refers to as the “GG.”

Cortland has packed Spiritual Toolbox with channeled wisdom, meditations, and Spiritual exercises from the “GG” and from a diverse gathering of metaphysical professionals (including an intuitive medium, a crystal healer, an Akashic Records practitioner, fellow authors, and a psychic medium/Spiritual wellness & soul coach) with the intention of giving her readers a set of Spiritual tools that will allow them to raise their vibrations, expedite their Spiritual growth, and develop on-going and direct communication with their Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

Topics covered in Spiritual Toolbox include our Higher Self, the Akashic Records, connecting to the Divine, Automatic Writing, Walk-ins, making the most of this incarnation, maintaining balance and wellness, crystal healing, and chakra balancing.

Spiritual Toolbox is for Lightworkers and Truth Seekers who want to communicate directly with Spirit, raise their vibrations, and expedite their Spiritual growth.

Author of Windows of Opportunity, Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age, and Spiritual Growth Toolbox, Sherri Cortland teaches a series of workshops based on her books, and designs crystal and stone jewelry. She is a continuing student in the field of Herbology, which she studied originally under Rosemary Gladstar, and earned a Doctor of Naturopathy degree from the Clayton College of Natural Health. For more about Sherri, please also visit her on Facebook:
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