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Education of a Guardian Angel
Knowing Guides and Developing Relationships with Them
Annie Stillwater Gray
ISBN: 9781886940475
Book (Paperback)
Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
475 pages
March 1, 2014


The Master Guides have decided it is time for humans to know what is possible. The relationship between a human and a Spirit Guide is and has always been sacred. Now a combination of factors is making conscious contact and constant communication between Guides and humans a reality. The time is right for you to not only know your Guides, but to develop a deep relationship with them. You can work with your Guides to improve your life and life on Earth. It is a challenging and joyful undertaking. This is the true-life account of the authorís experiences with her Life Guide.

This beautiful story gives us insight into the education of a Guardian Angel.

"Annie Stillwater Gray is a writer, astrologer, public speaker, teacher, healer, singersongwriter, and media veteran. She's helped people connect with their spirit guides since 1989. She the author of Dawn Book and Education of a Guardian Angel."
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