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Infernal Device
Machinery of Torture and Execution
Erik Ruhling
ISBN: 9781932857894
Book (Hardcover)
Disinformation Books
6 1/2 x 9 1/2
96 pages
40 Color Photographs and Illustrations
November 1, 2007


Erik Ruhling assembles an unmatched array of torture tools invented exclusively for the infliction of pain and the ending of life, each carefully researched with an accompanying full-color, highly detailed rendering. This beautifully presented book features classics like the Iron Maiden and the Guillotine, as well as more rarified connoisseurís fare such as the Scavengerís Daughter and the Ear Chopper. And if the Tongue Tearer is not to your taste, thereís always the Breast Ripper or the Drunkardís Cloak.

Erik Ruhling is a graphic designer and the curator of He holds degrees in anthropology and English and lives in Atlanta, Georgia, in a house without a dungeon (unfortunately).
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