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Fantastic Adventures in Metaphysics
An Extraordinary Journey into the Nature of Reality
Michael Perlin
ISBN: 9781940265124
Book (Paperback)
Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
232 pages
November 1, 2015


This book explores the secret teachings of all the great philosophers and spiritual geniuses of our time and reveals the common theme throughout all of them.

According to the esoteric schools of advanced knowledge, certain divinely inspired teachers brought spiritual, philosophical, and scientific knowledge to the human race following a global cataclysm. This planet has a history of unexplained phenomena that still baffles scientists today. There have been structures built all over the world that are simply out of place and out of time. Have humans been on the scene much longer than we previously thought? Did they leave us clues in writing, sacred geometry, and architecture about who they were and where they came from? Do these clues reveal the truth about who we really are?

Michael Perlin is the director, writer and producer of the Metaphysical film, 3 Magic Words which reveals the common theme taught to us by all great spiritual masters. Michael believes that the problems we face in the world today are still going on because we live mostly on a "religious" planet and not a "spiritual" one. He believes there is an answer - a solution that can only come from a new spirituality that embraces a unifying reality of all the religions and sets aside the old ego-driven idea that there is only one true way.
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