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City Girl Philosophy
Everything You Need to Live a Simply Stunning Life
Karn Knutson
ISBN: 9781573242875
Book (Hardcover)
Red Wheel
7 x 7
80 pages
4-color art throughout
September 3, 2007


A gorgeous, tongue-in-cheek guide to living a beautiful life.

City Girl shares her unique view of how the world should be, as it revolves around her, as she provides you, lucky reader, with pearls of wisdom about all the important things--from shopping and friends to cocktails and men. City Girl would love to meet you for lunch--as long as the cafe doesn't clash with her shoes.

Breeze through this quirky book and learn the proper etiquette for accepting comments on borrowed clothes, dumping a dumpy date, and making the most of a business meeting (Hint: make sure you're always sitting in the best light).

City Girl has style, class, and the incredible ability to look like a million bucks on a budget not quite that big. To be a city girl is to live a "oh, so fabulous" life full of strong martinis, strong men, and even stronger women. City Girl likes those martinis dry and her humor even dryer--and she'll take it the right way if you laugh your way through all her good advice--as long as you pay attention to it.

* Illustrated throughout with Knutson's original paintings.

* Great good fun paired with scintillating advice--the perfect gift for city girls on any occasion.

Karn Knutson has been doodling or painting on walls since she was in diapers. Until 2004, she worked as a creative director and vice president of an advertising agency in Minnesota, but in 2004 she moved to San Francisco. Since her move, she has been writing and illustrating books that are ever-so-slightly sarcastic, working on stories that don't come with pictures, designing gift products, riding her scooter, and writing and performing music. Karn's fine art is carried in galleries in California and Minnesota.
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