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No Holiday
80 Places You Don't Want to Visit
Martin Cohen
ISBN: 9781932857290
Book (Paperback)
Disinformation Books
6 x 9
208 pages
100 B&W Illustrations
June 1, 2006


In this first Disinformation Travel Guide, Martin Cohen visits exotic locations (80 of them!) but with a different aim than the usual travel book: to seek out the suffering and injustices, not to skirt them. We will see the dark red waters of “Murdering Creek” in Australia, silent testament to the ongoing genocide of the world's oldest people... we will visit the olive groves of Palestine where the helicopter gunships of the Israeli Army patter by like so many gigantic marauding insects, and we will queue up to see not museums and art galleries, but the more sinister monuments of politics, like the academy of terror funded by the CIA at Fort Benning in Georgia, or the poisoned shores of the Aral Sea revealing an abandoned biological warfare center...

We will visit not the great “sights” but the great “sores,” the forever cursed cites of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where so many died, as Churchill might have said, for so little. We’ll enter the no-man's lands of the demilitarized zones of past conflicts—between North and South Korea, between Syria and Israel, even between Catholic and Protestants in Northern Ireland.

Martin Cohen's popular and accessible introductions to philosophy have been translated into many foreign languages, except the language of Voltaire, near whose Chateau he now lives and writes. (But in a cowshed, not in a Chateau.) He has a PhD in Philosophy of Education from Exeter University, has published several books and written for The Guardian, Times Higher Education Supplement, and The Independent.
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