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The Angel Oracle
Working with the Angels for Guidance, Inspiration and Love
Ambika Wauters
ISBN: 9781859061831
Deck (Paperback)
6 1/2 x 9 1/2
112 pages
Full-color 36 card deck
March 1, 2016


For sale in North America only

"Handfuls of wisdom! Miracles to go!

As mainstream media fills the world with the sounds and images of nasty campaign slurs and unspeakable violence, itís no surprise that small boxes filled with beautiful and inspiring illustrations and affirmations are selling faster than publishers can produce them. No longer our motherís divination decks, these new card packs have reached new heights in terms of the quality of both content and production. The ones that follow are meant to inspire, inform, and restore balance to strife-filled lives. Angels, fairies, mystics, and modern pagan oraclesóthereís something for everyone and it all fits in your customerís pocket.

Millennia of traditional wisdom about angels has been brought together in one box to help users connect with angelic love and guidance for themselves. The 36 cards harken back to familiar illustrations and symbolism but with subtle updates (Metatron beckons us from his cloud with a conspiratorial look). The 112-page hardcover book summarizes the most relevant angelic literature but encourages readers to dive in and explore the powerful angel energy for themselves." --Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight (formerly New Age Retailer)

Angels have the power to touch every one of us with their protection, guidance, and eternal love. With The Angel Oracle, you now have the means to access this divine wisdom. The 36 beautifully illustrated angel cards, one for each of the angels in the heavenly realm, offer clarity of thought, knowledge, and insight to help you with everyday problems as well as the major challenges of life. The accompanying illustrated 112-page book gives a full commentary for each card and shows how easy the system is to use.

Open your heart to The Angel Oracle and open yourself to life.

Replaces previous edition, ISBN 9780312133016.

Ambika Wauters is a professional psychotherapist and counselor who has been teaching and healing for more than 20 years. She is also a respected artist, having trained at the Royal College of Art in London. Ambika is the author of over 20 titles on angels, chakras, and homeopathy, and her books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide.
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