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Pure Magic Oracle
Author Andrés Engracia, Foreword Judika Illes
ISBN: 9781925924664
Deck (Paperback)
Rockpool Publishing, Rockpool Publishing
4 x 5.5
144 pages
36 full-color cards
May 15, 2021


For Sale in North America Only

Let the magic of the elements guide your life’s journey.

Inspired by The Big Book of Practical Spells by Judika Illes, this stunning kit captures the essence of the sacred elements in an array of visual delight. It will guide you on a magical journey to reconnect with the healing power of nature and spirit.

    The cards in this kit will help you to:
  • Reconnect to the divinity of Mother Earth, your ancestors, and your spirit allies

  • Rekindle your passion

  • Recover your personal magic and psychic abilities

  • Remember your purpose

This is indeed the essential tool for your whole life: 36 cards to guide you through the darkness and the light. It will open you to a remembrance of infinite consciousness and to a world of endless possibilities.

Andrés Engracia is a psychic medium who connects with his blended Spanish-Mexican ancestry of clairvoyant psychics and brujas to bring unique cultural and mystical practices to his work. Naturally drawn to art, photography, science, and social anthropology from an early age, Andrés has studied various forms of metaphysical practices and now devotes his time conducting workshops on spiritual, shamanic, and intuitive development.
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Judika Illes is the author of several books devoted to the magical arts includingEncyclopedia of 5000 Spells, Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, Magic When You Need It, Encyclopedia of Spirits, Encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints, and Sages, Daily Magic, and The Weiser Field Guide to Witches. A certified aromatherapist, she has been a professional tarot card reader for over three decades. A native New Yorker, Judika teaches in the US and internationally. Follow her on Instagram @judikailles
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