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Balance 20/20
Six Keys to a Harmonious Life
George Bartko
ISBN: 9781590030431
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel
6 x 9
192 pages
July 15, 2004


Realize your dreams...and balance your checkbook

Most people are shaken by extreme events. But it's not necessary to be struck down by illness, a layoff, the threat of divorce, or the loss of a loved one before we evaluate priorities and reshape life along more sane lines. Instead, the more we reshape our lives to achieve better balance now, the more immediately we can enjoy the riches life offers.

Balance 20/20 helps readers find the balance they need to have enough time for everything and everyone and to enjoy life. Author George Bartko recently quit his high-paying corporate job to devote himself completely to his burgeoning business. He used the system he describes in Balance 20/20 to successfully make the transition to living his dreams.

Bartko calls his system The Six Pillars of Life Balance. The six pillars are key areas that make up daily life:
1. Connections (relationships)
2. Mind (intellect, creative expression, and reflection)
3. Motion (physical activity)
4. Spirituality (a sense of connection to the universe)
5. Fuel (nutrition)
6. Business (personal and professional tasks)

In order to balance these six pillars, Bartko recommends analyzing which of these key areas we spend too much time on--and which areas we neglect. To help, Bartko offers a quiz at the beginning of each chapter so that readers can begin to see which of the six pillars need development and which areas need less time spent on them. Bartko's advice is clear and compelling--even for those pillars that are balanced, there's room to fine-tune and improve to get the most out of our days, the most out of our lives.

Balance 20/20 offers recipes to help bring balance to the "fuel" pillar. And Bartko's stunning photography throughout offers visual inspiration to building balance into every day.

George Bartko is a successful entrepreneur who shares the system he uses to live a balanced life with time to follow his dreams. His gorgeous black-and-white photos provide visual inspiration for putting life back into balance.

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