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Astrology for Yourself
How to Understand and Interpret Your Own Birth Chart
Douglas Bloch, Demetra George
ISBN: 9780892541225
Book (Paperback)
8 1/2 x 11
280 pages
April 1, 2006


Astrology for Yourself is designed to introduce you to the language, art, and science of astrology through a series of self-directed, program-learning exercises that will literally enable you to write your own chart interpretation. Aside from providing you a wealth of knowledge about your birth chart, Astrology for Yourself promises to promote personal growth and change your life.

Douglas Bloch is a counselor and teacher and the author of ten books, including his inspirational self-help trilogy Words that Heal and I Am With You Always.

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Demetra George, halds a B.A. in Philosophy and M.A. Classics, received the 2002 Marion D. March Regulus Award for Theory and Understanding. A practitioner of astrology for over 30 years, she specializes in asteroids, archetypal mythology, and traditional astrology. She is also coauthor of the best-selling workbook Astrology for Yourself and Asteroid Goddesses with Douglas Bloch. Ms. George is the Director of THEMA: Foundations in Astrology which offers integrated programs and traveling symposia for individuals and small groups in the history, mythology, and techniques of Hellenistic and Archetypal astrology. Readers may contact Demetra George at
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