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Conscious Ink: The Hidden Meaning of Tattoos
Mystical, Magical, and Transformative Art You Dare to Wear
Lisa Barretta
ISBN: 9781632651143
Book (Paperback)
New Page Books
6 x 9
224 pages
October 23, 2017


Conscious Ink examines the transpersonal and metaphysical side of tattooing through the stories of clients and the perceptions of the tattoo artists. Conscious Ink is well written and intuitive book that deserves to be on the shelf of any tattooing enthusiast who would like to read more about mindful inking. A new kind of tattoo enthusiast has been born who wants to grow, who embraces change and looks for healing transformation in their life. Many people are tired of the reality show hype and want something deeper and more life changing. Finally, Lisa Barretta is the smart and daring soul who is brave enough to put it out there! Bravo!!!”
—Daemon Rowanchilde, tattooist,

Conscious Ink by Lisa Barretta is a book that anyone who is thinking of getting a tattoo should read for it contains a wealth of advice and information on how to avoid making. sometimes irreversible, mistakes. More than that it is a celebration of an important art-form which draws all of us into a closer connection to our inner-selves and soul directives. Thoroughly and unreservedly recommended!”
Spirituality Today
There is hidden, powerful wisdom in tattoos. Did you ever think of your tattoo as a charged body talisman or a portal into your spiritual self? Ancient cultures practicing shamanic tattooing laid the groundwork for our modern exploration of consciousness. Tattoos are both a revelation and a proclamation of your embodied archetypes, dreams, emotions, even a hint of past-life memories.

Conscious Ink shows how this edgy skin art interfaces with our body’s subtle energy field and reveals how tattoo imagery ties into the potent energy of inner alchemy that expands our self-awareness.

Are you prepared to:
  • Find out how/why intention is the moving force behind your tattoo’s vibration? Do you bring on good luck or bad juju?
  • Understand why the piercing of your skin and drawing of blood forms a symbolic link into the energy field of your tattooist?
  • Explore how tattoos reveal past-life/current-life emotional memory?
  • Discover how tattoos can shift the emotional energy stored in certain body areas?

    Mindful inking can be an amazing modality that awakens your spiritual self. Looking at tattoos beyond the lens of body art, Conscious Ink gives you a new perspective on tattoos and their undeniable roots in pure, magic and mysticism.

    Lisa Barretta is a well-established intuitive counselor, Reiki practitioner, and astrologer. During the past 35 years, she has developed a client base that spans North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Lisa is an authority on consciousness, specializing in spiritual evolution and the paranormal. The executive producer of Surviving Death: A Paranormal Debate, she is also the author of The Book of Transformation and The Street Smart Psychic’s Guide to Getting a Good Reading.
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