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Chapter 1: The Basics

Peaceful Passages: A Hospice Nurse's Stories of Dying Well
Janet Wehr, RN

You have latent abilities and desires--a creative aggression within you. This creative aggression is beneath the subhuman aspirations and goals that you have inherited from a self-loathing society. You are so much more than you have allowed yourself to be. You are a shadow of your potential magnificence. The power within you is beyond your current level of awareness because you have blanketed yourself with a cloak of limitation in order to gain the acceptance and friendship of your peers and family--to get a job, get laid, and get paid. But you have forgotten who you are?you are a god.

The layers of reality are not layers of other worlds so much as layers of perception and ability. How is it that one person can see ghosts and another can't? It's not because one of them is crazy or has a magical gift, but rather because that person has been able to maintain a more subtle level of sensitivity along a specific vibration, and that vibration accesses what appears to be a deeper layer of reality. That vibration moves at a slower rate just under the radar of your brain because your brain is accelerated by thinking and electronic equipment. Because it falls under your radar, it seems invisible. Your internal organs and chakras must be relaxed, clean, and open enough to register and communicate energetic imprints. You are nurturing a broader state of awareness.

There are myriad possibilities awaiting anyone who desires to pursue them and dedicates their energy to the task. Things are only a mystery to those who have never pulled their head out of the sand. Your ability to perceive more fantastic Truths will grow as you live each of your previous ones. Don't shy away from challenges because they make you uncomfortable. Seize them, and consume their energy.

If you want to live in multiple dimensions--asleep and awake--then you have to cultivate sensitivity. Perfection is eventually required--this is a way of life, not an entertainment. At first--because you are fighting old patterns--it is very difficult and requires massive effort and concentration. You will be fighting against a creation that you gave life and energy to, and your creation is not particularly happy that you want to eradicate it.

But it does get easier over time. And then you will have to learn to stop fighting and struggling, and how to just let go and flow with things. Could you keep yourself from sabotaging it if it just fell into your lap while you were outside playing?

The most valuable real estate is inside you, and it can be touched. But it takes a monumental effort to shut the hell up and stop squirming long enough to catch a glimpse of it. There is no quick fix or drive-up window here. You've got to sit down, stop your internal chatter, focus, and never give up. If you do, you will start to see an entirely hidden world, one that's always been there but unavailable to those who have no inner discipline. You know it's there, so why can't you touch it? Why does it elude you?

You can't touch it because this world is inaccessible to people who have not faced their demons or their ruptured past. This is a built-in safety device--if you don't face your fears and walk past them, you will never have the Power. Occasionally, some maniac finds a few pieces of the Power and wreaks havoc somewhere. But even he has no idea of the magnitude of what's available. For every fear that you walk through and every bit of energy that you refuse to waste, a doorway opens, revealing a new mystery and a new piece of the Power.

Each person's path is a little bit different. If something in this book doesn't resonate just so with you, then play with it until it does?or throw it out. Don't force anything. Things always come back to you when you're ready. The important thing is to trust your light body and your feelings.

Enjoy your senses without being enslaved by them.

Eventually, as the gurus teach, you will be able to be solid around other people and let their personal crap pass right through you without being affected by it. In the earlier stages, however, it is very important to stay away from people that mess you up. The reality is that you need to be by yourself as much as possible while you thicken your new creation. Use that time alone to reaffirm, realign, reawaken, and stabilize your new energetic reality. Little by little, you will be able to be around others without losing touch with your new creation.

It takes time, persistence, and action to manifest things in the physical world. You cannot simply will something into being like you could before you got here. Often, people give up prematurely because others tell them "it will never happen, so get on with your life." But it's that kind of shitty mentality that keeps the human race from fulfilling itself. We already have everything we need, except for persistence and dedication to our vision. Don't ever give up! And don't ever let any half-assed jerk tell you to forget your dreams.

Let go of your need to have everything spelled out all nice 'n' neat for you. This path is messy and unpredictable. You have to learn to fly by the seat of your pants and grab things that appear out of nowhere. Your goal may not be a mystery, but the way that you get there sure as hell will be. Don't have any expectations about anything. Every time you think you've got it all mapped out, all you?ve really done is create a static structure within yourself. And your light body doesn't like that. Your light body will throw a monkey wrench at you just to tell you to let go.

And this is all a self-fulfilling prophecy is. You know you shouldn't try to make everything all straight and neat, but you do anyway--at some point in your life. And then it gets all screwed up.

You are not trying to be average--you're trying to be exceptional. So everything you do is exceptional. You make your body exceptional. You make your food exceptional. Your thoughts, goals, and dreams are all exceptional. The work you want to do is exceptional.

The hardest part for me was to let go of my desire to project my inward journey onto the world. Inwardly, I seek to create and live an adventure, utilize my sexual energy, and have power. Inwardly, these things are thoroughly fulfilling. If I project them onto the world, I can only approximate the fulfillment I can get inwardly. If I project outwardly, I find the glamorous Twinkie, but then crash from the sugar high and my electronically frazzled brain. The negative ego desires fame in front of others, regardless of the depth of its achievement. The light body and positive ego desire self-fulfillment and evolution?depth--with or without an audience.

My outward journey has now become secondary to my inward journey. My inward journey is my "real" life, and this is where I find my friends and family--whether they physically exist or not. I don't want to change anybody anymore. I just want to be the best that I can be.

Each section of this work can be used like a daily meditation. That's why the sections are short. Read one and carry it with you through your day as a key to unlocking something new. Don't force anything. Remember, your creation grows where your energy is focused. So focus on what you love and want, instead of on what you hate and want to eradicate.

As you create more and more space within, you will be tempted to fill it back up again. Space is unsettling--you are vulnerable and wide open. You have no chachkas to define yourself with, no crutches to prop yourself up with, and no reading material to distract your mind with. It's just you and the vastness. But it's time for you to enlarge yourself and allow your light body to fill up the space.

You search and search and search, looking all over until you find the treasure. Then you let everything else go--you sell everything you have. Nothing else matters anymore. You let everything else go so you can be alone with it.

Make the choice. Say, "This is what I want most in my life according to my heart." And then go get it. Beckon the transformation. Then strive to maintain the transformation. You don't let anything or anyone deter you. Nothing deters you.

What You Are Made Of
You are composed of a physical body and a light body. These realities are not separate. But for understanding of the nuances involved, the two terms are differentiated. Once their natures are understood, they must be remarried and allowed to work as a whole, and the terms can then be forgotten. ...

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