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Chapter 1: Attract through Vibration

Tune into Love: Attract Romance through the Power of Vibrational Matching
Margaret McCraw, Ph.D., Foreword by Alan H. Cohen, MA

Expand in consciousness
be ready to accept anything now,
at any time.
-Eileen Caddy

For a brief moment, visualize yourself in a spaceship far out in the Universe, looking at all the planets and stars that surround you. You see patterns of energy moving in wave formations similar to patterns in the ocean. This movement of energy in wave formations is called vibrations. Each "space wave" consists of particles that vibrate at the same level. The rate of movement of these particles is known as frequency.

Particles within you project waves of energy. That energy expands outward from you in a cosmic dance, attracting and responding to frequencies of the same level in the Universe. All of life is a harmonious interaction with energy.

We all engage in this powerful process of transmitting and receiving vibrations, every moment of our lives. This energy exchange reflects back to us in the form of people and circumstances that we attract and allow into our life experiences--impacting finances, health, career, and our relationships.

You are perceived by the Universe as a vibration. Your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions make up your consciousness, which is interpreted by everything in the Universe as energy.

At one time it was believed that matter and energy were separate entities, but quantum physics has revealed that all matter, including human beings, pulsates with energy. Even the smallest particles of matter are not solid, but are actually compressed vibrating energy. In fact, everything vibrates at its own unique frequency, creating what we perceive as light, color, heat, solid matter, sound, and electromagnetic fields.

Sound waves cover a wide range of frequencies and are often undetected by our ears as well as being invisible to the human eye. Children can often hear higher frequencies than adults. Cats, dogs, and even dolphins have the ability to hear at a much greater range than humans. Even though humans cannot hear as wide a range of sounds as some animals, these frequencies are detected by our bodies, connecting us with energy that matches our own rates of vibration.

Our bodies have an electrical system that responds to other vibrational frequencies. For example, when two frequencies are attuned to each other, they are said to be in resonance with each other. In resonance, the vibratory source produces waves that impart energy to objects and other living things. If these objects, individuals, or other life-forms have the same frequency, they will be set in motion too. Resonance is the fundamental principle of the Law of Attraction, or "like attracts like," which is universal and affects everything we attract.

In fact, when you strike the C string of a harp or violin, all the other octave strings of C begin to vibrate even though untouched by your hand. While other strings also absorb the energy of the plucked string, only those with the same frequency are set in motion.

During the early phase of romantic attraction, our bodies respond chemically by releasing neurotransmitters, which create a bright perspective on life, higher levels of energy, a fast pulse, and a sharper perception.1 "The brain increases its production of endorphins and enkephalins, natural narcotics, enhancing a person's sense of security and comfort."2 In the release of these powerful natural chemicals, romantic love is an intense physical experience that can truly be intoxicating.

Each of us offers a distinct vibration for every desire we have. Our dominant vibration is what magnetizes our experiences, and is determined by the combined frequency of our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings regarding a particular desire. Romantic chemistry occurs because the dominant vibrational frequencies of two individuals are in resonance.

Most of us think that romantic chemistry is a mystery, but this is not true. When two individuals are in resonance, whatever they think, feel, and believe about themselves will be reflected back to them through each other. For instance, if you truly love yourself, you will feel a strong magnetic attraction to someone who can offer you genuine love. However, if you think you are unworthy of love, you will feel a strong magnetic attraction to someone who affirms this belief. If you think you are unattractive, you will resonate with someone who reinforces this belief. The stronger the resonance between two people, the stronger will be the chemistry or magnetic attraction.

Most of us are not conscious of the type of person with whom we resonate. For example, Renee met Lewis at a singles dance. She was very attracted to him the moment she saw him across the room, even though he did not match her usual preference for a tall, slender, and dark-haired man. Her heart immediately started palpitating as she began thinking of ways she could introduce herself. Once Renee struck up a conversation with Lewis, he was immediately captivated with her bubbly personality.

When they first started dating, Lewis was kind, considerate, and open to sharing intimate feelings. Renee was ecstatic about having attracted someone who seemed so different from men she had dated previously.

However, within six months of dating, things started to change rapidly. Lewis's thoughtfulness and openness became almost nonexistent. He wanted to stay home most evenings and watch television rather than spend time with Renee. He would promise that Saturday nights were "theirs" to do whatever they wanted, and then would decide at the last moment to rent a video of his choice, inviting Renee to watch it with him.

When Renee tried to talk with Lewis about her concerns, he would turn and walk away, leaving her more frustrated than ever. She started pressuring him persistently about spending more time together, which turned Lewis off and pushed him further away.

Renee has a long history of attracting men who are inconsistent in their ability to follow through with promises and in openly sharing their feelings with her. On the other hand, Renee is different from the type of man she usually attracts. She has a high degree of integrity; she is an excellent communicator and enjoys having intimate and in-depth conversations with a partner. However, her vibration is aligned with someone who lacks integrity and is emotionally unavailable, because she focuses attention on her fear of attracting someone who does not have the attributes she desires.

For years since Renee's divorce, she has gone out to dinner with her friends each week and complained about her frustrations with men. By focusing attention on the things she does not want in a relationship, Renee has unconsciously aligned her vibration to magnetically attract a man who mirrors her frustrations. She is, in fact, a perfect vibrational match for what she fears, rather than what she desires.

Conversely, it was not surprising that Lewis attracted Renee. He had ended a marriage a few years earlier, and was angry and disheartened. It was not a coincidence that he and Renee were magnetized to each other, for it was their dominant vibration of fear, anger, and discontent in their previous relationships that brought them together....

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