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Existential Kink Existential Kink
Carolyn Elliott;PhD
Each of us has a dual nature: we are light (conscious) and dark (unconscious). The dark side of our personality—the “other,” the shadow side—is made up of what we think is our primitive, primal, negative impulses—our “existential kink.” Here, Carolyn Elliot, PhD, offers a truth-telling guide for bringing our shadow into the light. Inviting us to make conscious the unconscious, Elliot asks us to own the subconscious pleasure we get from the stuck, painful patterns of our existence. Read more...
Wait, I'm the Boss?!? Wait, I'm the Boss?!?
Peter Economy
Your management mentor in book! This is chock-full of useful information, tips, and checklists that can be used by anyone who aspires to become a skilled manager. While it’s written with the new manager in mind, it can also serve as a useful refresher for any manager, no matter how experienced he or she may be. With this book in their hands, new managers will always know where they are going—no matter where they are. This much-needed, helpful guide explores the fundamental skills that every new manager needs to understand, practice, and master. Read more...

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And the Prophet Said And the Prophet Said
Editor Dalton Hilu Einhorn, Foreword Daniel Ladinsky
Originally published in 1923 by Knopf, The Prophet is a teaching fable that has been cherished by millions for nearly 100 years. What makes this edition of especially exciting is the inclusion of newly discovered Gibran material. In 2017, Dalton Hilu Einhorn gained access to the Gibran/Haskell archives at the University of North Carolina. Buried among this treasure trove of papers, he discovered over 150 of Kahlil Gibran poems, aphorisms, and sayings that had never been published. Read more...
Lean Brands Lean Brands
Luis Pedroza
“Everything you need to know to take your brand global. And going global is not an option today. That's where your future market is going to be.” —Al Ries, author of Positioning and The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding

Lean Brands provides a lean, agile approach to building global brands, helping you 1) quickly analyze your environment; 2) create a differentiated and meaningful brand positioning; and 3) bring your brand strategy to life on the ground, where it counts. Read more...


Sacred Space Conference

Thursday, April 9 - Sunday, April 12
The following authors discuss their works: Jason Miller, Diana L. Paxson, Byron Ballard, Amy Blackthorn, Ivo Dominquez, Tara-Love Maguire, Christopher Orapello

Oberon Zell at Council of Magickal Arts Beltane Festival

Friday, April 17 - Sunday, April 19
Oberon Zell discusses Grimoire/Companion for the Apprentice Wizard

Alissa Carpenter at CONNEX2020

Tuesday, April 21
Alissa Carpenter discusses her work How to Listen and How to Be Heard

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