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Fortune Teller's Handbook Fortune Teller's Handbook
Sasha Fenton
For those who have wanted to try their hand at fortunetelling, this comprehensive sampler of divination strategies offers a thorough introduction to a wide range of options. This book is fun to use for yourself or with a gathering of friends. Techniques include: crystal ball reading, numerology, rune reading, using a pendulum, palmistry, tea leaf reading, and using the I Ching. Read more...
Buddhas' Little Book of Life Buddhas' Little Book of Life
Mark Zocchi
Inspired by teachings of the Buddha, great masters, teachers, and writers, this is a book designed to help people connect to their inner divinity and find their spiritual path. It is overflowing with profound quotes, sayings, and insights, each presented on its own to allow the reader to dip in randomly and consider one insight at a time. Each reading is guaranteed to immediately inspire or provide food for thought. Read more...

Coming Soon

The Rainbow Diet The Rainbow Diet
Deanna Minich, PhD, CN
Forget about bland, colorless diet foods –now’s the time to invite rainbow health into your life! In The Rainbow Diet, nutritionist and health expert, Dr. Deanna Minich, introduces a cutting-edge path to attaining physical, mental, and spiritual health through colorful whole foods and natural supplements. The result is an easy-to-follow, transformational guide to the food and supplements we need to achieve an inner rainbow of optimal health. Read more...
Reiki Plain & Simple Reiki Plain & Simple
Philip Jones
Reiki is used for healing oneself and others and for spiritual development. It works by combining two things: initiations that awaken and open your energy channels and techniques for using your hands, eyes, and intention to direct this energy flow where needed. Anyone who wishes to do this work must prepare by following particular methods and steps, all wonderfully explained in this introductory guide. Read more...
Reflexology Plain & Simple Reflexology Plain & Simple
Sonia Jones
Reflexology Plain & Simple introduces the history and basics of this form, from beginner’s techniques to more specialized treatments and the use of aromatic oils. Discover which areas of the feet and hands correspond to the body’s tissues, glands, and organs; how much pressure to apply and when not to proceed at all; and how to get started indulging friends, family, and even yourself or move on to your own practice. Read more...
Astrology for Success Astrology for Success
Cass & Janie Jackson
Astrology for Success is a beginner’s guide to sun sign astrology, with an emphasis on what your sign can tell you about your potential for achieving success. This book will help you identify goals and give you a road map for achieving them. Even if you know nothing about astrology, this book will help you identify the negative traits that may be holding you back and show you how to make use of the positive traits that will propel you to reach your maximum potential. Read more...


Sarah Seidelmann at B&N Duluth

Saturday, December 16
Sarah Seidelmann, author of Swimming with Elephants, will be at B&N Duluth for a book signing.

Marissa Moss at Los Gatos JCC

Sunday, April 29, 9:30am
Marissa Moss, author of Last Things, will be at the Los Gatos JCC for a discussion and signing.

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