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Body Reading, Plain & Simple Body Reading, Plain & Simple
Sasha Fenton
We all know that hands can reveal character and destiny, but what about other parts of the body? With this basic guide, learn how your body features can reveal health, relationship, and behavior attributes and how to spot these in others. Divination expert, Sasha Fenton covers the waterfront of body reading in 15 short accessible chapters. Based on interviews, exhaustive research, and years of close observation, this practical guide is filled with fascinating facts and insight that will be greeted eagerly by all who are interested in a variety of divination systems. Read more...
Sacred America, Sacred World Sacred America, Sacred World
Stephen Dinan, Foreword by Marianne Williamson
Sacred America, Sacred World is a manifesto for our country’s evolution that is both political and deeply spiritual. It offers profound hope that America can grow beyond our current challenges and manifest our noblest destiny, which the book shows is rooted in sacred principles that transcend left or right political views. Filled with practical ideas and innovative strategies honed from the author’s work with over 1000 luminaries via his company, The Shift Network, this book explains how America can lead the world toward peace, sustainability, health, and prosperity. Read more...

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Crystal Skulls Crystal Skulls
Judy Hall
In this book, best-selling occultist and crystal expert Judy Hall provides a basic primer on crystal skulls including what they are, where they are found, their role in legend and lore around the world, and their uses for physical and psychic healing. Also included here in this stunning introductory text is an examination of the prominent “skull keepers” of the past 100 years and how to use and communicate with a crystal skull. Read more...
Let Your Spirit Guides Speak Let Your Spirit Guides Speak
Debra Landwehr Engle
This is a clear and thoughtful introduction to building relationships with your spirit guides. It shows readers how helpful spirit guides and angels can be in everything from the simplest to the most challenging of life decisions and how easy they are to connect with, too. Our spirit guides help us to fulfill our purpose, make decisions that will move us forward faster, stop sabotaging ourselves as well as judging ourselves and everyone else and go beyond the life we hoped for and onto the life we never even imagined. Read more...
Goodbye, Hurt & Pain Goodbye, Hurt & Pain
Deborah Sandella, PhD, RN, Foreword by Jack Canfield
In Goodbye, Hurt and Pain, Deborah Sandella uses cutting-edge neuroscience research and her revolutionary Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM) technique to show how blocked feelings prevent us from getting what we want, and she introduces a process that bypasses logic and thinking to activate our own emotional “self-cleaning oven.” Using imagination, color, and shape to visualize feelings and get straight to the root of longstanding problems, she teaches us to move destructive feelings such as fear, anger, hurt, resentment, and envy out of the body. Read more...
Tarot Triumphs Tarot Triumphs
Cherry Gilchrist
This exploration of the major arcana or the Marseilles Tarot includes “The Fool’s Mirror,” a new method for laying the cards out, as well as hints for using the tarot to gain deeper levels of awareness. Cherry Gilchrist offers ways to approach each card, absorb it, and understand its essence. Readers are encouraged to relate this essence to personal experience as the most enduring and rewarding way to prepare for reading the cards. Read more...
Rosicrucian Trilogy Rosicrucian Trilogy
Translated by Joscelyn Godwin, Christopher McIntosh, and Donate Pahnke McIntosh
Four hundred years ago, the publication of these 3 anonymous documents launched the Rosicrucian movement. This present book offers the 3 founding documents in reliable, readable, modern English. Fully annotated and with modern introductions, these new translations explain the historical context, shed light on the beginnings of the Rosicrucian Order, and bring this fascinating material to a wider readership. Read more...
Angels, Plain & Simple Angels, Plain & Simple
Beleta Greenaway
Throughout time, people of many cultures and religions have believed in angels. Now Beleta Greenaway brings you closer to these wonderful beings in this delightful guide. She shares some of her own experiences with angels and describes how you can make your own connections with them, whether through meditation, in dreams, using decks of special cards, or by other means. Read more...
The Best Angel Stories 2 The Best Angel Stories 2
Edited by Editors of Guideposts
Featuring stories by Eben Alexander, Mary C. Neal, Sophie Bernhard and many others. Here from the editors of Angels on Earth and Guideposts are 82 stories of real people who encountered real angels—whether the angels appear as a cloud of butterflies or a strain of heavenly music or adorned with wings and robes, these messengers offer assurance that we are never alone and that we are watched over, cared for, and loved. This is a book filled with hope and healing. Read more...


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