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Besom, Stang & Sword Besom, Stang & Sword
Christopher Orapello, and Tara-Love Maguire
This is a landmark book that: offers a fresh, spirit-based, nonreligious practice of witchcraft without deities or holidays; brings an authentic, traditional spiritual practice to light in a modern context; and presents an accessible introduction to regional traditional witchcraft which teaches people to find their craft in their own backyards, in the uncultivated land, the wild unknown, and in their ancestors rather than in ancient foreign deities or in a neopagan-styled religious form of witchcraft. It’s not about where you’re from but where you are. Read more...
The Leader Architect The Leader Architect
Jim Grew
This is a practical guide for leaders who want to build and grow a consistently powerful organization that delivers long-term success. Topics discussed include: myths we love that ruin our businesses, the power of pairs (why 1+1 is greater than 5+5), the architecture of successful business organizations, the leverage of relationships, and resilience. In the daily flood of “should” or “wants” that fill the lives of most executives here is a fresh and simple guide to tactics and tools that work for others, and will work for you. Read more...

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Superhero of Love Superhero of Love
Bridget Fonger
Broken hearts not only hurt us and those around us, they keep us from being our most mighty selves. Inside each of us is our very own Superhero of Love who knows that the source of love is not outside but inside each of us. Bridget Fonger shares her personal experience of going through a painful breakup and presents a five-part superhero method for recovery. Readers will develop and hone their powers of Super Sight, Super Hearing, Super Humility, Super Self-Love, and Super Alignment to build their connection to their own hearts, the ultimate source of love in their lives. Read more...
Millennial Money Makeover Millennial Money Makeover
Conor Richardson
Millennials are stressed. And they feel really stressed about money. Conor Richardson, a millennial and a certified public accountant, has created a proven 7-step program to eliminate the stress in personal finance. The Millennial Money Makeover is the first book to provide a relatable, easy-to-read, sequential, and comprehensive approach to paying off debt, building an automated savings system, buying life’s early-stage big purchases, outlining which investment accounts are best for beginners, and teaching readers how to live a millennial millionaire lifestyle. Read more...
The Book of Pendulum Healing The Book of Pendulum Healing
Joan Rose Staffen
The Book of Pendulum Healing is a practical guide to help you stay in good health, prevent illness, recover from grief, and even help heal from addictions. A psychic healer, the author offers clear, concise instructions for using a pendulum, an ancient dowsing tool. The lessons provided are practical and the author’s process provides concrete, visible-to-the-eye answers and solutions. Other easy-to-learn healing techniques are included such as communication with the angelic realm, affirmative prayer, aura clearing, and how to give healings to others. Included are 30 interrelated intuitive healing charts. Read more...
The Essential HR Handbook, 10th Anniversary Edition The Essential HR Handbook, 10th Anniversary Edition
Sharon Armstrong, and Barbara Mitchell
Since 2008, busy managers have turned to this bestselling book as a handy guide to the ins and outs of human resources. Whether you’re a small business owner, a manager in a business without an HR department, or even a seasoned HR professional, The Essential HR Handbook will help you handle any personnel problem quickly and easily. This fully updated 10th anniversary edition is packed with information, tools, checklists, sample forms, and timely tips to guide you through the maze of personnel issues in today’s complex business environment. Read more...
Power Negotiating for Salespeople Power Negotiating for Salespeople
Roger Dawson
Master negotiator Roger Dawson turns his attention to the person on the other side of the desk—the salesperson who’s trying to close a deal with the most favorable terms. The goal of most negotiations is to create a win-win situation, and this book shows how to win every negotiation and leave the other person feeling like he or she has won too. Power Negotiating for Salespeople is not a handbook of tricks and scams meant to manipulate others, it is simply the most complete book ever written specifically for salespeople about the process of negotiation. Read more...
Sun Signs Plain & Simple Sun Signs Plain & Simple
Sasha Fenton, and Jonathan Dee
Jonathan Dee and Sasha Fenton, two of the most dynamic and established writers on spiritual subjects, join forces to create the ultimate guide to sun signs. By using the decan system, which demonstrates variations between people born in different parts of each sign (i.e., early, middle, or late)—to assess your birth placement, you can get detailed answers to any question you want to ask. Read more...