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Tarot for Troubled Times Tarot for Troubled Times
Shaheen Miro, and Theresa Reed
Each of us has a shadow that darkens our inner and outer lives. In Tarot for Troubled Times, Shaheen Miro and Theresa Reed show us how working with the shadow—facing it directly, leaning into it rather than away—releases power that can free ourselves from negative mental habits and destructive emotions to find healing ourselves and others.
Lightworker's Guide to the Astral Realm Lightworker's Guide to the Astral Realm
Sahvanna Arienta
Lightworker’s Guide to the Astral Realm will take you on an amazing journey through 7 of the astral realms of energetic worlds you never imagined existed. Chapter by chapter you will discover the limitless potential of the universe, and what lies beyond will be revealed.From the home of spirit guides to the masters of the multiverse—you will learn how to explore them all through soul travel.
Unlock the Zodiac Unlock the Zodiac
Sasha Fenton
Some people believe they are absolutely typical of their sun sign, while others see little of themselves in the descriptions given in most astrology books.Written for beginners as well as astrology students, this informative volume explains why one sun sign can include many different personalities.

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The Big Book of Tarot The Big Book of Tarot
Joan Bunning
Joan Bunning’s The Big Book of Tarot offers a complete course on how to use the tarot cards for personal guidance. The author communicates the basic depth and beauty of each card and shows how the cards trigger psychological projection, enhance intuition, and improve communication with the Inner Guide.
True Magic True Magic
Draja Mickaharic, Foreword by Judika Illes
This book provides an introduction to natural magic as well as a practical reference for simple, everyday spells that really work. Included is an eclectic collection of over 100 spells, including water spells, spoken spells, spells passed down over generations, and spells developed by the author himself.
Out of Your Hands Out of Your Hands
Beleta Greenaway
Out of Your Hands provides a complete guide to deciphering all aspects of the hand: its shape, palmar lines, and fingerprints. Beleta not only provides practical interpretations such as personality traits and relationship prospects but also discusses the markings on the hand that provide mystic insights.
The Big Book of Numerology The Big Book of Numerology
Shirley Blackwell Lawrence
This is unlike any other book on numerology, because it reveals the science behind this ancient mystical art and explains why it works. It is also the first book to present a thorough explanation of the numbers and letters, starting with their origins—the how and why of their design—and exploring their nature in names and language.