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Tea Leaf Reading Tea Leaf Reading
Jacqueline Towers
The ancient practice of tea leaf reading is one of the easiest forms of divination to learn. All it takes is tea leaves, hot water and a creative mind! This easy-to-use guide book will teach you how to prepare a cup of tea for reading and provides an extensive alphabetical reference list of the meaning(s) of almost any shape or symbol you find at the bottom of the cup. Read more...
From Kuan Yin to Chairman Mao From Kuan Yin to Chairman Mao
Xueting Christine Ni
Xueting Christine Ni offers fascinating insight into the complex interweaving of China’s main religions and folklore and the way the gods themselves have evolved to meet changing challenges, finding their way from scriptures and statues to vouchers and videogames. She recounts the stories of 60 Chinese deities, selected from across the spectrum of China’s mythical beings, heroes, gods, goddesses, and immortals—from Zhong Ku, the demon slayer to the Monkey King, and more. Read more...
Varla Ventura's Paranormal Parlor Varla Ventura's Paranormal Parlor
Varla Ventura
From shimmering specters to paranormal parlor tricks to late night encounters with a Thing That Should Go Unnamed, we are fascinated, terrified and addicted to the ghost story. Varla Ventura’s Paranormal Parlor includes original ghostly tales, classic ghost stories, legends, hauntings, séances, superstitions, death customs and more. From the wild woods to the tangled urban underbelly, Ventura explores the very thing that scares us the most: the entity lurking just outside our windows. Read more...
The Little Book of Sufi Stories The Little Book of Sufi Stories
Neil Douglas-Klotz, Foreword by Maryam Mafi
The stories in this book are drawn from the dozens that Douglas-Klotz has enjoyed telling in his seminars over the past 20 years. Most of them appear in works of the classical Sufis, such as Rumi, Attar, or S’adi. To preserve some of the in-person feeling and bring the language up to date, he has given them his own improvised turns, but their full and original meanings remain. Read more...
The Little Book of Saturn The Little Book of Saturn
Aliza Einhorn
This is a smart, friendly introduction to the astrological Saturn, and a book for curious readers who know there is more to astrology than their sun signs. Saturn has traditionally been considered the planet of challenges, but the life lessons that this stern planet brings are necessary for personal growth. Suitable for beginners and experts alike, Einhorn discusses the influence of Saturn on the natal horoscope, explores the various transits, especially the return(s), which she shows you how to navigate with confidence. Read more...
Color Therapy Plain & Simple Color Therapy Plain & Simple
Nina Ashby
We are surrounded by color, and we largely take it for granted. Each color, hue, tint, and shade has characteristics that affect our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives. Ashby provides a full spectrum of information from the practical to the spiritual—discussing color in relation to astrology, the chakras, the aura, and divination. There are exercises for healing with color included. Read more...

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Face Reading Plain & Simple Face Reading Plain & Simple
Jonathan Dee
The face is the first thing we focus on when meeting any new person—we automatically assess a person’s mood, feelings, and intentions by what we “read” on that person’s face. This book will introduce you to the ancient Chinese art of face reading and help you gain insight into the personalities of your loved ones and those you meet. Chinese face reading demonstrates that faces are open books, and their individual features provide the keys to interpreting their message. Read more...