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Sacred Smoke Sacred Smoke
Amy Blackthorn
Sacred Smoke has everything you need to know to get started on your practice of purification and cleansing, including the importance of self-care, how to keep your home and family safe and how to using essential herbs and recipes for creating cleansing smoke
Lost Teachings of the Runes Lost Teachings of the Runes
Ingrid Kincaid
Lost Teachings of the Runes is an unexpected adventure into the hidden meanings and profound lessons held in these simple markings that are the signatures of ancient beings.

“…a marvelous journey through the symbols, probing their deeper layers and many-faceted messages.” - Christopher McIntosh PhD, author of Beyond the North Wind.

Coming Soon

The Alchemical Visions Tarot The Alchemical Visions Tarot
Arthur Taussig
This is tarot deck and book that will help you plumb the depths of your soul, expose the powerful even frightening aspects of the human psyche, and teach you to cultivate self-realization.

“…a breathtaking tour through universal space both external and internal." - The Witches' Almanac
Never Go With Your Gut Never Go With Your Gut
Gleb Tsipursky, PhD, Foreword by Howard Ross
Want to avoid business disasters, whether minor mishaps, such as excessive team conflict, or major calamities like those that threaten bankruptcy or doom a promising career?

“…a MUST-READ for any decision makers who want to reduce the risk of business failures!” - Lorenzo Delpani, CEO Emeritus of Revlon and other companies, Angel Investor and Entrepreneur
The Morrigan The Morrigan
Courtney Weber
An illuminating exploration of Ireland’s ancient dark goddess—the beloved “phantom queen” of the Celtic world—with practices for modern-day devotees.

“…a powerful mix of history, myth, magic, and personal journey with the Lady of Many Guises.” - Christopher Penczak, co-founder of the Temple of Witchcraft and author of The Feast of the Morrighan and The Mighty Dead