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Archetypal Tarot Archetypal Tarot
Author Mary K. Greer
In Archetypal Tarot, Greer connects astrology and numerology to the tarot to create an in-depth personality profile that can be used for self-realization and personal harmony. This book is a valuable tool for anyone wishing to learn how to use the tarot to interpret their strengths, challenges, and innermost desires.
The Four Elements of the Wise The Four Elements of the Wise
Author Ivo Dominguez, Jr., Foreword Courtney Weber
This book explores the four elements and how they comprise a system of understanding that supports most of the magic of the West and Paganism. Ivo Dominguez Jr. discusses the use of the elements in a way that makes the topic available to both newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.
Inspired by Frida Journal Inspired by Frida Journal
Author Akal Pritam
The Inspired by Frida Journal draws from the wisdom and artwork of Frida Kahlo. This 208-page decorative journal is divided into eight sections that encourage exploration of the concepts of FRIDA: freedom, reverence, inspiration, dharma, and acceptance.

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Manifestation Magic Manifestation Magic
Author Elhoim Leafar
Manifestation Magic is a practical guide to prosperity magic using amulets, talismans, and rituals. Elhoim Leafar, author of The Magical Art of Crafting Charm Bags, offers a clear treatise on the magic of manifesting positive abundance. No prior magical experience is required, although the material is also suitable for adepts.
Practical Alchemy Practical Alchemy
Author Brian Cotnoir, Introduction James Wasserman
A concise guide to the history, theory, and practice of alchemy - the art of working with nature for spiritual development. This book explores alchemy’s mysteries while illustrating its use as a modern spiritual system of attainment, also providing an overview of the history of alchemy and contemporary techniques.
When Bad Teams Happen to Good People When Bad Teams Happen to Good People
Author Valerie Patrick, PhD.
This is the teamwork troubleshooter we all need! Nearly 60 percent of managers don’t feel that their teams are performing up to their potential. Teamwork is hard because there is no magic formula or step-by-step procedure to ensure results—until now. It’s time to turn your team into a unit.