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Tarot: No Questions Asked Tarot: No Questions Asked
Theresa Reed, Foreword Rachel Pollack
Without a connection to your sixth sense, tarot readings become cookie-cutter interpretations. Here, Theresa Reed presents the basics of intuitive tarot reading- reading without questions or backstory. This book is filled with exercises to hone your intuition and sharpen your skills for better results, both for yourself and your clients.
Conversations With God, Book 2 Conversations With God, Book 2
Neale Donald Walsch
Conversations with God, Book 2 looks at the big picture. What is here is a proposed paradigm shift to change the political and spiritual constructs that people have manifested on this planet. Within these pages, you will understand how to deal with twenty-first century challenges, both individually and globally.
Conversations With God, Book 3 Conversations With God, Book 3
Neale Donald Walsch
Conversations with God, Book 3 is meant to inspire readers to look at their lives in new and fresh ways, and to question life’s meaning and existence. This is an engaging and profound conversation about the culture, philosophy, and spirituality of highly evolved beings in other realms of the universe.

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Witch Hunt Witch Hunt
Kristen J. Sollée
Part history, part feminist memoir, part travelogue, Witch Hunt provides a personal guide to the witch trials in western Europe and America and explores how their legacy continues to affect women today. Sollée retraces the steps of these famed hunts, written with reverence for those who suffered through the darkest of times.
Uncommon Tarot Uncommon Tarot
Co-Author Shaheen Miro, Co-Author Theresa Reed
The Uncommon Tarot is a contemporary reimagining of the rich symbolism of the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot, honoring its wisdom. Miro’s artwork breathes fresh life into the traditional tarot imagery, weaving together a melange of people, places, and settings where everyone is invited to participate regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or race.
Prosperity Principles Prosperity Principles
Joel Fotinos
Adopting prosperity principles is about forming your life around creativity, positive action, and open mindedness. In The Prosperity Principles, Fotinos focuses on six foundational, life-changing principles that make you think and act like a Millionaire. These writings are compact, powerful, practical, and will lead you on your road to riches!
Blackthorn's Botanical Brews Blackthorn's Botanical Brews
Amy Blackthorn
Blackthorn’s Botanical Brews outlines the magical uses for many well-loved, traditional beverage ingredients found throughout time. Readers will learn what potions are, what purpose they serve, and how to create their own brews, bitters, vermouth, and kombucha, as well as how to blend the perfect tea for their magical desires.


Oberon Zell at Pagan Pride

Saturday, October 10
Oberon Zell discusses Grimoire/Companion for the Apprentice Wizard

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