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The Moon Oracle The Moon Oracle
Co-Author Caroline Smith, Co-Author John Astrop
This original, easy-to-use divination system and practical introduction to lunar astrology allows you to align your life to the fluctuating rhythms of the Moon and do in-depth, multilayered readings using a combination of lunar cards.
Wanderer's Tarot (78-Card Deck with Fold-Out Guide) Wanderer's Tarot (78-Card Deck with Fold-Out Guide)
Casey Zabala
Wanderer’s Tarot is a feminist tarot deck for modern witches centering on earth-based wisdom for spiritual practice, self-care, ritual, and personal magic. The cards are based on traditional tarot symbolism, which has been transmuted by the need for feminine insight and awakening. This package is beautifully designed inside and out.
Hoodoo Justice Magic Hoodoo Justice Magic
Miss Aida
Here is the essential handbook for protection and revenge spells, featuring 129 spells, 32 recipes, and numerous rituals, along with an exploration of their ethics. The spells incorporate common articles like spices, candles, tarot cards, and recitation of Psalms. Miss Aida also includes advice on protecting yourself from predatory behavior.
How to Be How to Be
Author Judith Valente, Author Paul Quenon, OSCO, Foreword by Kathleen Norris
This insightful and inspiring book is a dialogue between two spiritual seekers – a Trappist monk and a professional woman. It offers a window into two people living their lives on purpose (or not) and struggling to come to terms with the issues everyone faces: faith, mortality, mystery, prayer, and work.
The Radiant Tarot The Radiant Tarot
Alexandra Eldridge, Tony Barnstone
The Radiant Tarot is a joyfully quirky and colorful fine-art tarot deck with full-color book by Tony Barnstone focusing on awakening creativity as a path of self-realization. This is a complete creativity experience, with meditations to spark personal transformation. The exquisite art featured on each card is by Alexandra Eldridge.
The Relative Tarot The Relative Tarot
Carrie Paris, Tina Hardt
The Relative Tarot is rich with vintage 19th-century photographs of ancestors from a variety of ethnic origins overlaid with familiar tarot imagery. Inspired by the works of Mary K. Greer and the late Angeles Arrien, the book helps you to discover your true potential by connecting you with your ancestors.
Stellas Daemonum Stellas Daemonum
Author David Crowhurst, Foreword by Lon Milo DuQuette, Foreword by Stephen Skinner
Stellas Daemonum offers an in-depth analysis of the spirits that appear in several late medieval and early modern grimoires. The book unravels these texts’ mythical, etymological, magical, and religious dimensions and draws out their astrological correspondences. This cloth-bound deluxe edition includes two-color cover stamping, decorative binding, and clear acetate jacket.
The Witch at the Forest's Edge The Witch at the Forest's Edge
Author Christine Grace, Foreword by Cory Thomas Hutcheson
This book is an invitation to animists, ancestor worshipers, magic seekers, and the wild at heart. It systematically explores the foundational aspects of modern traditional witchcraft. Thirteen core chapters cover all of the essentials in a practical, caring way, including activities and/or reflections for journaling, and resources for further exploration.

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The Big Book of Magical Incense The Big Book of Magical Incense
Sara L. Mastros
This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to formulate their own magical incenses. Included here are the basic teachings, the essential ingredients, and sage advice that helps the reader to develop their own recipes, spells, and ritual practices. The book will appeal to a variety of readers.
Saturn Saturn
Author Liz Greene, Foreword by Robert Hand, Foreword by Juliana McCarthy
In this classic text, renowned astrologer and Jungian analyst Liz Greene offers a fresh perspective on how to handle the influence of this much-maligned astrological symbol. Saturn, she says, symbolizes a psychic process—one that allows us to utilize the experience of pain for self-discovery and a more fulfilling life.
Taking Up the Runes (Weiser Classics) Taking Up the Runes (Weiser Classics)
Diana L. Paxson
Diana Paxson distills her many years of experience working with the runes into this essential, accessible source book. Everything regarding runes is covered in this book: the history of runes, how to make your own rune sets, and how to work with them on a psychic, spiritual, and magical level.