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Doctoring the Devil Doctoring the Devil
Author Jake Richards
Like the blue smoky mists of the Appalachians, Jake leads his readers up the hillsides, too, introducing us to folks along the way. We’ll meet local spirits and learn root ways. We’ll also delve into Jake’s notebooks—personal collections of Appalachian recipes and roots for conjuring love, justice, and success.
Wait, I'm Working With Who?!? Wait, I'm Working With Who?!?
Author Peter Economy
This is the essential guide to identifying and dealing with “jerks at work.” Based on proven approaches, the latest research, and advice of workplace experts, Wait, I’m Working With Who?!? provides readers with concrete, unambiguous advice on how to deal with and neutralize the negative people in their work lives.
The Goddess Book The Goddess Book
Author Nancy Blair, Illustrator Thalia Took
This is a book of rituals and affirmations that celebrate the divine feminine. It is an exploration of the goddess throughout history. Here are heroines, queens, witches, healers, proud princesses, and courageous daughters. Author Nancy Blair groups these goddesses according to the seasons in which their energies are most potent.
Druidry Handbook (Weiser Classics) Druidry Handbook (Weiser Classics)
Author John Michael Greer, Foreword Philip Carr-Gomm
A guide to living a life rooted in Celtic antiquity and revived to meet the contemporary challenges, The Druidry Handbook, now part of the Weiser Classics Series, serves as a hands-on manual of traditional British druid practice. This is essential for those seriously interested in the traditional form of druidry.
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Weiser Classics) Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Weiser Classics)
Author Mukunda Stiles, Foreword Mark Whitwell
Mukunda Stiles had a lifelong devotion to the spiritual practice of yoga. Here, he shares Patanjali’s essential work with precision and insight. He also includes a succinct line-for-line commentary, as well as word-by-word Sanskrit-to-English translation. This Weiser Classics edition features a new foreword by leading yoga teacher Mark Whitwell.

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Badvertising Badvertising
Author Jim Morris
A provocative, truth-to-power exposé of ad agencies’ flaws, foibles, and failings—and why they matter to the consumer and to those in the business. Part indictment on the advertising industry, part cautionary tale on what not to do with your ads, Morris pulls no punches to better ad people everywhere.
Conjure Cards Conjure Cards
Author Jake Richards
For centuries, people living in Appalachia have used homemade playing cards for fortune-telling and dream interpretation. Conjure Cards was created and fashioned after the folklore, superstitions, and dream symbols in western North Carolina. Richards offers common Appalachian methods of divination paired with the honored pastime of sharing and interpreting dreams.
American Brujeria American Brujeria
Author J. Allen Cross
American Brujeria is about the fascinating blend of American and Mexican folk magic currently used by those living in the US but whose roots are steeped in Mexican culture. This type of Mexican-American folk magic features its own unique saints and spirits as well as familiar ones, like Santa Muerte.