Throwing Bones, Crystals, Stones, and Curios

Includes 20 Unique Casting Boards for Divination and Insight


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Red Wheel Weiser


Mystic Dylan has studied the occult for over two decades. Now a fully practicing professional witch, Dylan uses the Craft to assist both friends and clients in their personal lives. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, where he teaches classes, runs his own coven, co-hosts "The Witch and The Medium" podcast, and co-runs The Olde World Emporium shop. He is the author of The Beginner's Guide to Candle Magic, The Witch's Guide to Manifestation, and Witchcraft for the Home. You can find him at @mysticdylanofficial. 

Create a divination system that delves deep into your psyche to help you peer into the future, explore your past, and address issues in your present.
Fortune casting, or throwing bones and other objects for divination, is an age-old magical practice. “Bones” are like totems and can be any item: something from nature, like shells, roots, or crystals, or trinkets and found objects, like dice, coins, or keys. Whatever you use, casting will help you create a definitive divination system based on your personal practice. It is through casting that you can truly enhance your intuition and connect to the spiritual, earthly, and supernatural realms. Through collecting your objects, you are building a unique alphabet and language that will help you answer important questions.
This beautifully illustrated, practical how-to book contains everything you need to know to get started with fortune casting:

  • Advice and suggestions for creating your own set of “bones”
  • 20 unique casting layouts with full instructions on how to use them when addressing different sorts of questions—just lay the book flat and cast directly onto the page
  • Details on many other popular forms of divination—including scrying, pendulum dowsing, cartomancy, and rune craft—so you can find the method that best suits you
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