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Barb Rogers

Barb Rogers wrote several books on recovery, alcoholism, addiction, and well-being, including Twenty-Five Words and Keep It Simple and Sane. Barb died in early 2011. (Photo: Greg Carlson)

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12 Steps That Can Save Your Life (Paperback)
         Real-Life Stories from People Who Are Walking the Walk

Addiction & Grief (Paperback)
         Letting Go of Fear, Anger, and Addiction

Clutter Junkie No More (Paperback)
         Stepping Up to Recovery

Feng Shui in a Day (Paperback)
If I Die Before I Wake (Paperback)
         A Memoir of Drinking and Recovery

Keep It Simple and Sane (Paperback)
         Freeing Yourself from Addictive Thinking

Pray for Today (Paperback)
Simply Happy Every Day (Paperback)
Twenty-Five Words (Paperback)
         How the Serenity Prayer Can Save Your Life