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The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians
How to Stay Sane and Care for Yourself from Pre-Conception Through Birth
Second Edition
Rachel Pepper
ISBN: 9781573442169
Book (Paperback)
Cleis Press
6 x 9
250 pages
September 23, 2005


"At last, a lesbian-specific treatise on making a baby and what to do with it once it arrives. Includes lots of bright, funny info about stuff like sperm bank selection and the legal rights of lesbian families." The Advocate
The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians covers everything you need to make the thrilling and challenging journey to motherhood: from choosing a donor to tracking fertility to signing the right papers on the dotted lines. Rachel Pepper's lively, easy-to-read guide is the first place to go for up-to-date information and sage advice on everything from sex in the sixth month to negotiating family roles. Why a second edition? When the acclaimed first edition appeared, the author's daughter was only a few months old. This new edition takes into account the parenting know-how Pepper has developed over the intervening six years, as well as the evolving legal status of lesbian parents, and the increasing importance of the Internet for information on fertility, sperm banks, and donors. The resource section is greatly expanded, as are the sections on each trimester of pregnancy, on childbirth, and on life with a newborn. And Pepper provides more insight into preconception planning for both single lesbians and couples. An indispensable resource, The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians is now bigger and better.

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