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Far Out
101 Strange Tales From Science's Outer Edge
Mark Pilkington
ISBN: 9781932857870
Book (Paperback)
Disinformation Books
5 x 5 1/2
240 pages
100 B&W Illustrations and Photographs
October 1, 2007


Mark Pilkington charts some of the more curious byways, scenic detours, and inspired failures of scientists, inventors, and, yes, crackpots, over the past few hundred years.

From the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis to zero-point energy, via the Hieronymous Machine and Phlogiston, Far Out tells the stories that are all too often ignored, lost, or simply forgotten by conventional science books. Some of them are perhaps best left languishing in the margins of history, but others may yet change our future. Entries cover physics, chemistry, biology, archaeology, parapsychology, psychology, and other areas yet to be inducted into mainstream science, including radionics, keranography, erotoxin, and remote viewing.

Written in a succinct and engaging style, each piece provides a useful, self-contained introduction to its topic, and provides enough information to allow readers to discover more if they so desire.

Far Out is the latest in the unique CD-sized book format from Disinformation, following the best-selling 50 Things You’re Not Supposed To Know series by Russ Kick. Once again, the book is printed in two colors, with the entries arranged into sections, many with appropriate illustrations, diagrams, or photographs.

Mark Pilkington is a freelance journalist, writer, and editor. As well as writing the “Far Out” column for the Guardian on which this book is based, he has also written for The London Times, Fortean Times, Arthur, and The Wire, among others. He also edits the highly praised anthology of cultural marginalia, Strange Attractor, and runs Strange Attractor Press.
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