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The Big Book of Bondage
Sext Tales of Erotic Restraint
Edited by Alison Tyler
ISBN: 9781573449076
Book (Paperback)
Cleis Press
5 x 7
332 pages
January 15, 2013


"As is common with many of the anthologies I have read from the wonderful Cleis Press, The Big Book of Bondage manages to offer a diverse array of both sexual identities and scenarios to it’s reader. This is probably one of my favorite anthologies that I own." —Bex Talks Sex

"This collection of titillating tales is filled with BDSM power dynamics, from forced orgasms on a golf cart at the 9th hole to a wealthy couple getting off on using their old, cheap restraints." —Vulgar Vag

"The Big Book of Bondage is an amazing collection of erotic short stories centered on Bondage. More than ropes, controlling or be controlled, spankings, pleasure and pain, Bondage is about this trust. Trust to take the practitioner to higher levels of ecstasy. I warn you, the heat level of this book is the highest and hottest!! Many authors weaving their magic with words, rich with detail that let me at times with my jaw dropped and others wanting more!"—Romancing the Book

"A great way to help you find you along your journey is reading real life stories. Through realistic short stories, you can spark an interest, find ideas and get turned on all at the same time. Alison Tyler’s latest compilation of short stories, The Big Book of Bondage: Sexy Tales of Erotic Restraint, is just the book you need."—Kink Etc.

"Alison Tyler is loud and proud of her love of all things bound. Hence this richly contained collection of bondage themed erotica. From a chair that arouses in "The Naughty Chair" to a long commute that is anything but boring in "Commuter Training", these stories are ripe with strong characters determined to push their boundaries and submit to partners that honour and cherish that trust. Bondage and submission comes in a variety of forms and each story tackles the subject with humour and wit. Thumbs up for another great bondage anthology from Alison Tyler and the folks at Cleis Press." —Come as You Are

"I am so very thankful that I picked up The Big Book of Bondage to review! If you’re looking for a good read of the Lifestyle, hoping to learn some tricks for your Dominant or Submissive, this IS the book to grab! This collection of stories is an absolute must have for any collection of bondage reads. So many tips and tricks to learn from the accounts of many, even if the characters aren’t quite real. The characters truly come to life in their most intimate of moments. It dives deep into the emotional side of being a Submissive and the true power of that special bond. The trust for pain, the trust of pleasure, the trust of safety. Now, people wouldn’t believe all of those things exist at one time. But from people who have been there, on both ends, well, there simply may not be much that’s better." –Night Owl Book Reviews

Surrender to your fantasies. Every submissive willingly does: bound and helpless, expecting the ecstasy of her master's lash. Never mind the leather—clothed or naked, she is stripped down to only the most basic physical and emotional need, completely exposed. But it’s this swirl of sensations and feelings that combine in a perfect storm of kink and makes the seemingly impossible not only occur, but happen in a way that creates a sexy good time for everyone involved. The sensual stories that Alison Tyler has assembled in this collection delve into the dynamics of relationships filled with such unrestrained passion, revealing a world of beautiful contradictions that will thrill and inspire you. Some of these tales show how the everyday can be instantly transformed into pulse-quickening moments laced with eroticism.

Nobody likes bondage more than Alison Tyler who is endlessly fascinated with the sensation of giving up, giving in, of putting one’s pleasure (and pain) into the hands of another. To her, bondage means “I trust you to keep me safe,” and yet BDSM can also mean, “I trust you to hurt me.” Because the most important part of bondage, of dominance, of all the slippery ways one can play with those concepts is trust. In the BDSM realm, trust involves crops, whips, blindfolds, handcuffs, paddles, belts, gags, and toys.

How deliciously, devilishly twisted is that

Alison Tyler is a prolific author of erotic fiction and is the editor of Three-Way, Heat Wave, Best Bondage Erotica, Love at First Sting, and Naughty or Nice. Called a "literary siren" by Good Vibrations, she is the author of over 25 explicit novels. Her books have been translated into Japanese, Dutch, German, Italian, Norwegian, Greek, and Spanish. She lives in San Francisco.
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