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How to Live an Awesome Life
How to Live Well, Do Good, Be Happy
Polly Campbell
ISBN: 9781632280336
Book (Paperback)
Viva Editions
5 x 8
224 pages
October 13, 2015


"With warmhearted humanity and humor, Polly Campbell’s How To Live An Awesome Life offers inspired guidance on how to thrive in your current astonishing life (no weight loss, new degree, cosmetic surgery or new job required). Campbell compassionately helps you understand that the key to awesome living, and thus greater happiness and more meaning, has little to do with what you have and everything to do with what you notice, honor, and consider while guiding you to feel more of that awe in every moment— even the hard ones- by providing convincing evidence and effective, efficient exercises that you can complete in minutes. Ultimately, How to Live An Awesome Life leads you on a compelling and powerful journey to shifting your mindset so you can embrace the awe and wonder of your life. " —Rosie Molinary, author of Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance


It is about wonder. About accessing the amazing to express reverence, admiration. Awe like this can show up in every aspect of our lives — even those we declare as not so great.

Psychologist Nicholas Humphrey says awe forces us to reconfigure our mental model so we can make sense of what we’ve seen. It broadens us, inspires us.

Awe has the ability to awaken us. It can show us beauty and remind us who we are. It brings us closer to our purpose and passion and helps us create meaning. It helps us to live with the mystery in life, to survive the uncertainty of it all. It allows us to sink into the experience of living.

When you live in awe of your life you are open to diverse experiences. Some are easy and joyous. Others totally suck. But you are okay because you know that within every experience the possibilities are limitless.

Polly Campbell designed this book to help you engage with the awesome qualities of your life.

Do whichever exercises you want. Read this book chapter by chapter or go to the section that helps you most right now. Take what works, discard the rest.

Polly Campbell is a writer and speaker specializing in personal development. Her work appears regularly in national publications including Psychology Today, Spirituality & Health, and on She is also the author of Imperfect Spirituality: Extraordinary Enlightenment for Ordinary People and How to Reach Enlightenment. She lives in Beaverton, Oregon.
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