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Christian Acts of Kindness
Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
ISBN: 9781573241731
A Grace House Publication
Book (Paperback)
Conari Press
6 x 6
160 pages
September 1, 1999


Heartwarming stories that embody Christ's lessons of love, compassion, and kindness.

At the heart of Christianity is a very simple message about love and kindness, the most powerful tools available to permanently and profoundly affect our lives and the lives of those around us. These heartwarming stories, collected by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, present shining examples of people around the world living the Christian credo to "love thy neighbor as thyself." From the church group that shovel

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is a nonprofit organization supporting tens of thousands of people committed to spreading kindness throughout the world. Formed in 1995, it currently organizes National Random Acts of Kindness Week and a year-round "Kindness in the Schools" project. It has been recognized by President Clinton and media outlets such as Oprah, The Leeza Gibbons Show, and ABC News.
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