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Random Acts of Kindness
Editors of Conari Press, Introduction by Dawna Markova, PhD, Foreword by Daphne Rose Kingma
ISBN: 9781573248532
Book (Paperback)
Conari Press
6 x 6
160 pages
September 15, 2002


It all started in Sausalito, California, in 1982, when Anne Herbert scrawled "practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty" on a place mat in a restaurant. From there it spread to bumper stickers, quietly at first, but with the powerful momentum of something important calling us to lives of caring and compassion. The bestselling book, Random Acts of Kindness, which includes touching stories, quotations, and thoughtful suggestions, creates a feeling of possibility that can propel us into lives of compassion.

From the book:
"Imagine what would happen if there was an outbreak of kindness in the world, if everybody did one kind thing on a daily basis. Random Acts of Kindness will inspire you to start -- with the small, the particular, the individual -- to bring delight and goodness to yourself and others."

The Editors of Conari Press have produced the bestselling Random Acts of Kindness series, with over 1 million copies sold.

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Dawna Markova, PhD, is internationally know for her groundbreaking work in helping people learn with passion and live on purpose. She is the CEO of Professional Thinking Partners, Inc., co-founder of the Worldwide Women's Web, and former research affiliate of the Organizational Learning Center at MIT. Her books include I Will Not Die an Unlived Life, The Open Mind, and No Enemies Within; An Unused Intelligence, co-authored with her husband and business partner, Andy Bryner; and How Your Child Is Smart and Learning Unlimited, co-authored with Anne R. Powell. She lives in Geyersville, California.
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Daphne Rose Kingma, originally cherished as a “best-kept secret” while in private practice as a psychotherapist, has ascended to renown through her bestselling books, which are embraced by the world over by the countless recipients of her empathy and insight. Daphne is a frequent workshop leader at Big Sur’s prestigious Esalen Institute, and she appeared on Oprah six times. She lives in Santa Barbara, CA.
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Named a USA Today best bet for educators.

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