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An A-Z Guide to Healing Foods
A Shopper's Companion
Elise Marie Collins
ISBN: 9781573244190
Book (Paperback)
Conari Press
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
176 pages
January 1, 2010


Filled with science, natural remedies, and modern wisdom, this portable and concise reference is needed by anyone confused by the all the claims of superfoods or who wants to make an informed decision about what foods are best for them.

Yoga instructor, nutrition expert, and active mother Elise Collins has compiled a compact yet comprehensive list of healing foods, their vitamin and mineral content, and what they do to promote health, prevent disease, and decrease symptoms of illness. Arranged alphabetically and complete with a cross-reference for what's best to eat to treat specific ailments, this guidebook to nutrition is designed to be as convenient as a shopping list. Included are preparation tips and recipes that make this the ultimate tool for joyful eating and radiant health.

The A-Z Guide to Healing Foods inspires the reader to explore, prepare, procure, grow, taste, savor, and above all, enjoy healing foods. This guide will steer readers toward fabulous foods that foster an overall sense of well-being.

* A pocket reference to the health benefits of hundreds of common grocery items.

* Handy cross reference of ailments and the most helpful foods.

* Eating well made easy for families and those with a busy lifestyle.

Elise Marie Collins is a yoga teacher, writer, and spiritual counselor. A graduate of both UC Berkeley and the esoteric Berkeley Psychic Institute, Elise loves communicating about health and healing arts. She has written for Yoga Journal, Psychic Reader, and other alternative health publications and is the author of Chakra Tonics.

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