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What Would You Do If YOU Ran the World?
Everyday Ideas from Women Who Want to Make the World a Better Place
Shelly Rachanow
ISBN: 9781573243582
Book (Paperback)
Conari Press
5 x 7
160 pages
February 1, 2009


In her first book, Shelly Rachanow asked a question, What would You do if you ran the world? that really resonated with her thousands of readers. Many have sent letters and emails answering her question by sharing great ideas for making the world a better place for our loved ones, ourselves, our community, and our world.

What Would You Do If You Ran the World? is the culmination of brave, beautiful, brilliant, creative, and totally possible ideas that women have shared, complemented by inspiring quotes from famous women and action lists like "Ten Things You Can Start Doing Now."

Rachanow's warm and encouraging voice motivates readers to join other amazing women who are kicking serious butt for the good of all, like a teenage girl and CNN hero, kids in Zimbabwe saving their part of the planet, and a busy mom who is not too busy to work every day to help impoverished families live better lives. From learning to listen to your own guiding voice to galvanizing the women in your life, from getting involved in your own community, to reaching clear across the world, she shows the way we can all live a satisfying life of "inspiration in action".

Shelly Rachanow comes from a long line of butt-kicking women which inspired her to write her first book If Women Ran the World Sh*t Would Get Done. The success of that book lead her to write What Would You Do If You Ran the World?.
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