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Heart Sense
Unlocking Your Highest Purpose and Deepest Desires
Paula M. Reeves, PhD
ISBN: 9781573248198
Book (Paperback)
Conari Press
6 x 9
204 pages
March 1, 2003


Love--our heart-felt attraction to another and our heart-felt acceptance of our selves--has deep and tangled roots. It begins in utero with a unique blood-bond between the heart of the fetus and the mother's heart. The heart is the only organ that is guardian of such complex emotions. Furthermore, it is the storehouse of information, data, and memories. Much of the essence and meaning of our lives can only be experienced on a "heart level," writes psychologist Paula M. Reeves in Heart Sense.

Heart Sense presents a compelling combination of scientific facts and true stories to reveal the range of intelligence that is contained in the heart. Evidence is insurmountable that the heart is not only a muscle that pumps the blood we need to live, it also holds vital personal memories and information we need to survive. There is no surer way to discover your life's destiny than to listen to your heart, and you ignore your heart's desire at your own peril--heart attacks and strokes have reached epidemic levels.

This book is designed to inspire a deeply personal exploration of your life's purpose from which you can glean deep insight, draw strength, take delight, and improve your health and well-being. It is also intended to help diminish the effects the unlived life of our dreams exerts on our hearts-- healthy functioning.

Exercises called "Heart Notes" appear throughout the chapters to help you recognize your own heart sense and use it to discover your own unlived life.

Paula Reeves, PhD, is a well-known workshop leader in the fields og psychology and psychoneuroimmunology, creator of the Spontaneous Contemplative Movement program, and a therapist in private practice. Widely published in academic journals, she lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia.
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Foreword by Robert Romanyshyn

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