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Never Argue with a Dead Person Never Argue with a Dead Person
Thomas John
Manhattan medium Thomas John has been hailed as “the Hollywood psychic with the highest batting average” by The Hollywood Reporter, and as a psychic medium with “an impressive connection that impresses even the most skeptical minds” by Now he shares what he’s seen and heard on the Other Side. In this book, John shares with us fifteen fascinating stories of what happens when clients ask him to contact their dead friends and relatives. For Thomas John, death is not the end, it is just the beginning. Read more...
The Perfect Metabolism Plan The Perfect Metabolism Plan
Sara Vance
We all know the stats: more of us are obese than ever before. We have a diet and weight loss industry that rakes in billions per year, and yet almost everyone who loses weight puts it back on and then some. This yo-yo dieting is not just frustrating to the dieter, it's extremely detrimental to the heart, joints, and bones—worse, some research suggests, than remaining fat. This book's message is that an inability to lose weight or keep it off has never been about a failure of will, it's about a broken metabolism. Read more...
The Flame in the Cauldron The Flame in the Cauldron
Orion Foxwood, Foreword by Raven Grimassi
“One of the most important voices in witchcraft.” —Margot Adler
Few words entice and incite like the word witchery. Thousands of self-identified witches, pagans, and magical practitioners embrace the word, but seldom go beyond the practice of the well-accepted and learned forms of "traditional" witchcraft to explore the path of old-witchery. Orion Foxwood invites readers to walk on the path of old-style witchery, a nature-based practice that is as old as the swamps and as wild as the woods. Read more...
Seeing Beyond Illusions Seeing Beyond Illusions
David Ian Cowan
Using the fundamentals of A Course in Miracles, Seeing Beyond Illusions walks us through a gentle dismantling of the dualistic lie of separation, freeing us from our unconscious guilt at having forsaken Source by learning to trust our divine connection to all that is. At its core, this book is about letting go of our need and urge to control, freeing ourselves to embrace forgiveness, and experience the reality of our profound connection with others. David Cowan has a gift for synthesizing wisdom and his writing is infused with an all-encompassing relevance that heals. Read more...
Flash Wisdom Flash Wisdom
Edited by Russ Kick
The right quotation can change your life. That compressed idea--expressed in just a few words, a sentence or two--can shift your thinking, trigger an epiphany, alter your way of seeing the world. The wisest, most experienced, and most thoughtful people in history have left us these little thought-bombs. And this book collects them and provides everything from surprising to discomforting, and comforting insights into living a full, unbridled life, and staying sane in an insane world. Read more...
The Essential Guide to Possession, Depossession, and Divine Relationships The Essential Guide to Possession, Depossession, and Divine Relationships
Diana L. Paxson
Bestselling author of several fantasy novels including Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Ancestors of Avalon, Diana L. Paxson now turns her attention to Trance Possession. Specifically, how to safely and effectively enter and to exit possessory trance. In possessory trance, one voluntarily offers one’s body as a vehicle for spirit work. This differs from other forms of trance in that one’s “normal” personality is replaced by a personality that is identified by oneself and one’s community as a spirit or a god. Read more...

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Enough Already Enough Already
Mike Iamele
In a world where success means owning a company before your 30th birthday, Mike Iamele seemed to have it all. By the age of 24, he was already making piles of money at his own public relations firm. And it was killing him. Literally. When a stress-induced illness brought him to his knees, he began to question everything he believed about success. And everywhere he turned, he met other young entrepreneurs who were making themselves stressed and sick. Mike decided he'd had enough. He was ready to find success on his own terms. Read more...
The Divine Spark: A Graham Hancock Reader The Divine Spark: A Graham Hancock Reader
Edited by Graham Hancock
In this anthology, edited by bestselling author Graham Hancock, 22 writers discuss psychedelics and their myriad connections to consciousness. Travel to South America, the American Southwest, outer space, inner space, and back in time to revisit Pahnke’s The Good Friday experiment, and explore the effects of ayahuasca and LSD. Contributors include Mike Alvernia, Russell Brand, David Jay Brown, Paul Devereaux, Rick Doblin and many more. Read more...
Soul Vows Soul Vows
Janet Conner
If you long to know your soul’s purpose, Soul Vows is an ideal place to begin. Your soul vows describe how you choose to walk this earth, in every moment of every day. They are how you receive and spread grace. As you live your soul vows, you become a fertile container in which your purpose can take root and prosper.With her characteristic blend of personal story, love of paradox, expansive inquiry into the heart of diverse spiritual traditions, and confidence, Conner leads us through a groundbreaking application of the ancient chakra system to discover our own unique soul vows. Read more...
Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mind Fitness Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mind Fitness
Joel & Michelle Levey
The Leveys introduce readers to dozens of mindfulness and meditation techniques, skillfully organized into five categories of practice, making Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mind Fitness a very comprehensive and easy-to-use resource for inner exploration and transformation.This book offers a treasury of practical wisdom distilled from the Leveys’ intensive studies and an introduction to the mind-fitness disciplines necessary for personal mastery. Read more...
The Evidence for Phantom Hitch-Hikers The Evidence for Phantom Hitch-Hikers
Michael Goss
All over the world, motorists report giving lifts to hitch-hikers who then vanish ghostlike into thin air. Phantom Hitch-Hikers, as these insubstantial passengers are called, have become classified as an urban legend and have been related to historical tales of supernatural traveling companions. But is there more to such stories than picturesque folklore? Are there genuine paranormal experiences behind the reports? Goss explores the meaning and causes of this phenomenon. Read more...
The Traveler's Guide to the Astral Plane The Traveler's Guide to the Astral Plane
Steve Richards, Foreword by Graham Hancock
Drawing on a fascinating array of material, both Eastern and Western, Steve Richards presents a unique panoramic view of the hidden or astral reality—the essential features of the astral landscape, the many facets of astral experience, and how to embark on a never-to-be-forgotten journey of exploration beyond the body. This is a delightful introductory text to an area of perennial interest. It is filled with amazing stories of out-of-body experiences from both past and present. Read more...