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Trusting Yourself Trusting Yourself
M.J. Ryan
In her warm and inimitable way M.J. Ryan guides us to look at our lives from a different perspective. To imagine what they would be like if we practiced an attitude of self-trust, if we received the gifts trusting ourselves might give us. Ryan identifies the answers to feeling swept away by life: we already have what it takes to cope. We can learn how to tap into the wisdom inside us by cultivating self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-reliance. Learn how to quiet the critics—inside and out—and trust yourself instead. Read more...
The Complete Book of Aquarian Magic The Complete Book of Aquarian Magic
Marian Green, Foreword by Judika Illes
Here in one volume are two classic practical guides for modern witches: Magic for the Aquarian Age and Experiments in Aquarian Magic.Magic for the Aquarian Age is a contemporary manual that unwraps the secret of the inner you, the submerged part of yourself that has the power to completely transform your life. Filled with techniques for getting ready to practice the magical art, it is a textbook that is adapted to contemporary needs. Read more...
The Witch's Guide to Wands The Witch's Guide to Wands
Gypsey Elaine Teague, Foreword by Orion Foxwood
Based on her deep knowledge of plant science and ethnobotany and years of magical practice, the author examines the uses and benefits of each wand component (primarily woods, shrubs, grasses, vines, and some metals). She also explores their associations to various gods and goddesses, relationships to specific types of magic, and the results a practitioner can expect to achieve. This is the ultimate guide for witches and pagans everywhere. Read more...
The Dalai Lama's Little Book of Buddhism The Dalai Lama's Little Book of Buddhism
Tenzin Gyatso, His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama
With clarity and candor, the Dalai Lama expounds on the core teachings of Buddhism. Fusing ancient wisdom with a modern sensibility, he gently encourages each of us to embrace lives of love and compassion; to embrace individual responsibility. Read more...
Alchemy—The Great Work Alchemy—The Great Work
Cherry Gilchrist
Alchemy is the art of transformation. At its simplest, the alchemist turns base metals into gold. However, this is only one dimension of alchemy—at a more sophisticated level the alchemist's "base metal" is symbolic of himself that needs to be worked upon and the "gold" produced is the alchemist himself in his or her quest to perfect his own nature. In short, true alchemy is a discipline involving physical, psychological and spiritual work aimed at producing wholeness and enlightenment. Read more...

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Fibromyalgia and Muscle Pain Fibromyalgia and Muscle Pain
Leon Chaitow, ND, DO
Fibromyalgia affects millions of people in the United States alone. It continues to be tricky to diagnose and some say it’s like having the flu—all the time. The conventional medical toolkit doesn’t have much to offer fibromyalgia’s sufferers. Enter this game-changing book. Here you will find self-tests and checklists to help you determine whether you are suffering from fibromyalgia and then the most effective self-care approaches. Read this book and discover how to bring your body back into balance so that it can heal itself. Read more...
Sudden Awakening Sudden Awakening
Eli Jaxon-Bear, Foreword by Gangaji
Everybody wants to be happy. Unfortunately, relatively few achieve bliss. Eli Jaxon-Bear explores how it is possible to achieve lives filled with gratitude and love. True happiness and meaning are achieved, he asserts, when we wake up, stop our minds, and open our hearts. It is then that we discover our true selves; our core identity that is part of the ultimate living intelligence of the universe; our true source. It is an articulate and helpful expression of a path to fulfillment for those wrestling with questions of identity and meaning. Read more...


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