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Last Things Last Things
Marissa Moss
Using her trademark mix of words and pictures to sharp effect, Marissa Moss presents the story of how she, her husband, and her three young sons struggled to maintain their sense of selves and wholeness as a family and how they continued on with everyday life when the earth shifted beneath their feet. This is not a story about the redemptive power of a terminal illness. It is a story of resilience—of how a family managed to survive a terrible loss and grow in spite of it. Read more...
Raising Cooperative Kids Raising Cooperative Kids
Marion Forgatch, PhD, Gerald Patterson, PhD, Tim Friend
Not since Dr. Spock has there been such a comprehensive book on parenting. Developed over forty years of practice and tested in clinical studies, Patterson and Forgatch’s parenting techniques tap deep-rooted human instincts, making them universal and easy to use no matter where you live or how a family is structured—these techniques enable parents to teach their children new behaviors and reduce family conflicts. The authors also remind us of the importance of play—enjoying time and activities together is the cornerstone of a happy family. Read more...
Rewrite Your Life Rewrite Your Life
Jessica Lourey
According to common wisdom, we all have a book inside of us. Every author calls on, crystallizes and shades their life experiences to craft fiction. The most conflict-ridden moments of our lives – the tragedies, humiliations, and terrors – shape the best stories. Creative writing professor, sociologist, and popular fiction author Jessica Lourey guides us through the redemptive process of writing a healing novel which recycles and transforms our most precious resource—our own emotions and experiences. Read more...
Instant Tarot Instant Tarot
Monte Farber, Amy Zerner
Bestselling authors Farber and Zerner unveil the mysteries of the tarot for beginners and experts alike with nothing to memorize. They provide concise interpretations of every card in every position of the classic Celtic Cross tarot spread. This book is like getting a reading from an expert advisor in the privacy of one’s home. This unique method works with virtually any tarot deck; interprets every card, in every position; and provides sample questions you can easily personalize. Read more...
I Ching, Plain & Simple I Ching, Plain & Simple
Kim Farnell
The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is a mix of Taoist and Confucianist philosophies that has evolved over many centuries and may be the oldest book in existence. It’s main philosophy is that nothing is static and our task is to adjust to the ebb and flow of changing circumstances. It can be an extremely complex system filled with poetry and philosophy, but Farnell has rendered it here as contemporary, straightforward, and as user-friendly as possible. Read more...
Wicca, Plain & Simple Wicca, Plain & Simple
Leanna Greenaway, Foreword by Judika Illes
Greenaway takes a contemporary approach to Wicca, also known as witchcraft, and shows how you can use it as a healing and positive force. She makes Wiccan traditions meaningful and accessible to us today by providing a basic understanding of the key elements of Wiccan practice, including: lunar magic, initiation, herbs and gardens, pendulum power, and animal magic. Also included are 25 spells for beginning practitioners ranging from love spells to fertility spells and more. Read more...

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Flower Essences, Plain & Simple Flower Essences, Plain & Simple
Linda Perry
Flower essences are infusions, or decoctions, made from the flowering parts of plants that uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness. This book provides a helpful introduction to flower essences, ―what they are and how to use them. Topics covered include how to choose an essence, how to make a bottle of essence, essences and their stories, and a glossary of more than 100 essences and their uses. This is the essential introductory guide for anyone interested in alternative health and the safe, gentle vibrational healing of flower essences. Read more...
Fortune Telling by Tarot Cards Fortune Telling by Tarot Cards
Sasha Fenton
Who doesn’t want to foretell the future? Once you know how to interpret tarot cards, you can understand yourself and others better and be able to accurately predict what’s going to happen in the future. This accessible and easy guide teaches readers how to use the tarot to not only predict the future but to resolve a particular question, to provide clarity on personal relationships, and for a variety of other purposes. Fenton’s guidelines combined with the reader’s intuition makes using the cards easy and fun. Read more...
Chakras, Plain & Simple Chakras, Plain & Simple
Sasha Fenton
This accessible and user-friendly book introduces the seven major chakras—those spinning vortexes of energy throughout the body—and presents ways of healing the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual problems that arise when the chakras are blocked, misaligned, or too open. This is a book for anyone interested in alternative medicine and for everyone interested in leading healthier, more energetic, and happier lives. Read more...