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Embodying the Yoga Sutra
Support, Direction, Space
Ranju Roy, David Charlton
ISBN: 9781578636884
Weiser Books
6 x 8
352 pages
November 1, 2019


Not for sale in the UK

“Through their many years of dedication to the path of yoga, Ranju and David have brought the ancient insights of the often terse and complex Yoga Sutras to life. Here is something different – more than just a commentary – a way to understand and embody the wisdom held within these enigmatic threads. It’s both an academic as well as a practical book for the dedicated practitioner wanting to deepen their experience of the yogic mysteries.” — Sebastian Pole, Herbalist, Yogi and Co-founder of Pukka Herbs

“This remarkable gem shines with clarity and poignancy, beckoning the modern yoga practitioner to take a deep dive into the meaning and purpose of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra. Yoga offers a path for greater health and awareness and this book provides the map: the nature of obstacles, tools for self-improvement through movement and breath, and the centrality of meditation and good intent. With the dawning awareness of the interconnection between psychology and spirituality, this book is both timely and sophisticated. Superb!" — Christopher Key Chapple, Doshi Professor of Indic and Comparative Theology and Director, Master of Arts in Yoga Studies, Loyola Marymount University, author of more than 20 books, including Yoga and the Luminous: Patanjali's Spiritual Path to Freedom

Not another translation but a highly readable and in-depth exploration of select passages from this essential classical text as a key to the complete path of yoga

“The fruit of a lifetime of inquiry and practice, this is a book that the world needs.” —Mark Singleton, author of Yoga Body and Roots of Yoga

“Unassuming, generous and brilliant, Dave and Ranju teach from the heart with wit and wisdom.” —Tara Fraser, Director Yoga Junction, author Yoga for You and Yoga Bliss

Understanding Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is the key to understanding yoga itself, and yet relatively few of today’s practitioners know how to apply these ancient Sanskrit aphorisms to contemporary life. Ranju Roy and David Charlton focus on 18 of the most important sutras and show how each one illuminates the relationship between the body, the breath, and the mind.

The authors examine the interplay of three key terms: support, direction, and space. They suggest that only by taking “support” can you establish a clear direction; and once a direction is established then space can open up. This formula can be applied as successfully to the body (in asana) as to the breath (in pranayama) and the mind (through meditation).

Embodying the Yoga Sutras is a practical and a deeply philosophical book.

Ranju Roy and David Charlton founded Sadhana Mala in 2004. The organization specializes in teacher training, study courses, and retreats. They both studied with TKV Desikachar, Paul Harvey, and Peter Hersnack. They have led training course for Viniyoga and yoga classes and retreats throughout the UK and Ireland. They have personal l contact with more than 2,000 students, several hundred of whom have gone on to become teachers themselves.
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