Based on the symbolism of the wheel, Red Wheel offers books and divination decks from a variety of traditions. We aim to provide the ideas, information, and innovative approaches for all spiritual seekers to develop their own path.
Weiser Books has been publishing esoteric and occult teachings from around the world since 1957. Today we specialize in a wide-range of topics including astrology, tarot, witchcraft, magick, Eastern thought and Western mystery traditions.
Well-known for its Conversations with God series, Hampton Roads Publishing continues to publish both popular and inspirational titles from a variety of philosophical and theological perspectives for "the evolving human spirit."
New Page Books features books on ancient mysteries, UFOS, paranormal activity, unexplained phenomena, and related subjects. Prominent authors include Erich Von Daniken, Nick Redfern, and the late Philip Coppens.
This joint venture with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) publishes titles by recognized authorities specializing in the exploration of the outer limits of the universe and the possibilities of life beyond our planet.
Publishes practical books for professionals and general audiences. Our useful, accessible, how-to approach is designed for all those seeking guidance on such topics as career development, HR management, and marketing.
Dharma Spring focuses on books for a general audience on the practical application of the Buddha’s teachings as a vital source or well-spring of personal, social, and global transformation.
For Beginners® is a graphic nonfiction series serving one purpose: to present the works of great thinkers and subjects in a straightforward, accessible manner.
Hierophant Publishing is a Body, Mind, and Spirit book publisher whose goal is to publish works that awaken and inspire the spirit.
Specializes in books from both classic and modern sources. Subjects include Alchemy, Astrology, Depth Psychology, and the Western Mystery Tradition.
Lantern Publishing & Media is a non-profit dedicated to publishing impactful books on animal rights, veganism, religion, social justice, and humane education.
Most known for the channeled writings of Dolores Cannon, Ozark Mountain Publishing publishes metaphysical and spiritual books including books on channeling, healing, hypnosis, angel guides, UFOs and interdimensional communication.
Found in 1966 as the general-trade publishing arm of the Theosophical Society in America, Quest Books concentrates on such subjects as transpersonal psychology, comparative religion, deep ecology, spiritual growth, and alternative health practices.
Turning Stone Press is an imprint of the Red Wheel/Weiser, Conari Press, Hampton Roads Publishing, and Hierophant Publishing family, specialized in nonfiction and fiction titles with spiritual, metaphysical, or self-help themes.
Founded in 1971, The Witches’ Almanac publishes high-quality books on Magic, Pagan, and Witchcraft topics. Best known for its witty and literate annual popular within and out-side of the Wiccan community.
Publishers of occult books specializing in magic, rituals, spirit work, and the overall practice of Witchcraft. Each Witch has a voice and we want to help many as we can express theirs by way of the written word.
Dedicated to breaking down stereotypes about Pagan practices and providing diverse representation in children’s books. Committed to providing high-quality, beautifully illustrated books that allow children and their parents to find the magic in everyday life.
Sacred Scribe offers spiritual books, tarot, and oracle decks of ethereal artistry that are imbued with cosmic codes and archaic keys, designed to awaken the ancient wisdom deep inside of all of us. Experience the magic of self-discovery.
Founded on the revolutionary vision that women and words can change the world. We share powerful new voices with visionary ideas, empowering our readers to co-create cultures that value and support the female and the feminine.
Through their beautiful, luxe decks and book products, Muse Oracle Press strives to awaken the divine spark within, guiding individuals on a transformative journey toward a more enlightened existence.
Wooden Books are the world’s leading Liberal Arts and Sciences pocket series. From the mathematics of music to the secrets of literary theory, from the geometry of origami to the mysteries of the universe, we have the book for you. Small books. Big ideas