Weiser Books has, for over 65 years, been the premier publisher of books on esoteric thought and practice—from divination and... Read More
Based on the symbolism of the wheel, Red Wheel offers books and divination decks from a variety of traditions. We... Read More
Dharma Spring focuses on books for a general audience on the practical application of the Buddha’s teachings as a vital... Read More
Though we are not necessarily limited in scope, we are most interested in manuscripts on the following subjects: body/mind/spirit non-fiction,... Read More
New Page Books features books on ancient mysteries, UFOS, paranormal activity, unexplained phenomena, and related subjects. Prominent authors include Erich... Read More
Turning Stone Press is an imprint of the Red Wheel/Weiser, Conari Press, Hampton Roads Publishing, and Hierophant Publishing family, specialized... Read More
Career Press, an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser, publishes general non-fiction that addresses real, practical human needs. Our useful, accessible, how-to... Read More
This joint venture with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) publishes titles by recognized authorities specializing in the exploration of the outer... Read More

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