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Why Red Wheel? We found the red wheel to be an apt symbol for what we’re trying to do. Wheels get you places, move you forward. They’re a symbol of both motion and wholeness in just about every culture or religious belief system. Red is, of course, the color of passion and life. We hope and believe people will find comfort, inspiration, passion, and answers through our books.

Weiser Books has a long history as publishers of esoteric, occult teachings from traditions all around the world and throughout time. From metaphysics and magick to astrology, tarot, Eastern thought, and Western mystery traditions, we offer knowledge about a new consciousness, received wisdom, and information on how to live today, in these changing times. Many of our readers remember the Weiser Bookstore in New York City—a gathering place, a place to discover new ways of looking at and being in the world. From the bookstore, founded in 1926 by Samuel Weiser and specializing in esoteric spirituality, arose the Weiser Books publishing program which was founded by Donald Weiser, the first to reprint out-of-print classics and publish new materials. We publish books for spiritual seekers and students from all walks of life and at all points on the path.

Career Press, an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser, publishes general non-fiction that addresses real, practical human needs. Our useful, accessible, how-to books reach a broad market of average Americanspeople grappling with universal issues relating to job-hunting, career management, education, money, and personal goals.

Launched in the Fall of 2000 and acquired in 2017, New Page Books features books on ancient mysteries, UFOS, paranormal activity, unexplained phenomena, and related subjects. We promote the phrase “Expect Something Different” and try to meet those standards with every new season of books. Prominent authors include Erich Von Daniken, Nick Redfern, and the late Philip Coppens.

Hampton Roads Publishing has published over 500 titles on a variety of subjects including spirituality, health, and other related topics since its founding in 1989. Well-known for its Conversations with God series by Neale Donald Walsch and titles by Richard Bach, Lynn Grabhorn, and Amit Goswami, HRP continues to publish popular and inspirational titles for “the evolving human spirit.”

Our books are available wherever books and ebooks are sold and are available to purchase through this site. Please check our full collection here.

Michael Kerber, President & CEO, Red Wheel/Weiser
Jan Johnson, Publisher Emerita, Red Wheel/Weiser

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