International Distributors

Welcome! Wherever you are in the world, we want to reach you. For shipping outside the US, please check our list of international distributors and select the one nearest to you.


Firefly Books Ltd.
50 Staples Avenue, Unit 1
Richmond Hill, ON
Canada L48 0A7

Orders & Customer Service
Toll Free Telephone: 800-387-6192
Phone: (416) 499-8412
Toll Free Fax: 800-450-0391
Fax: (416) 499-8313

Sales Contacts
Director of Sales Distributed Lines
Quebec, Toronto, Sask, Manitoba & Atlantic Canada
Darryl Scott
Tel: (416) 550-9854

National Accounts/Library, Toronto & Ontario – Distributed Lines
Kathy Elliot
Tel: (519) 829-5140

Alberta, British Colombia – Distributed Lines
Erica Hendry
Tel: (778) 928-5612

United Kingdom

Deep Books Ltd.
Unit 3, Goose Green Trading Estate
47 East Dulwich Road
London SE22 9BN
United Kingdom
P: +44-020-8693-0234
F: +44-020-8693-1400


Observatoire Sales Agency
Michael Abbott
P: +33-6-64-99-73-35

Australia & New Zealand

NewSouth Books
P: +61-2-8936-1400
For ordering:
Alliance Distribution Services
P: +61-2-4390-1300

Singapore & Malaysia

Times Distribution Pte. Ltd.
1 New Industrial Road
Times Centre
Singapore 536196
P: +65 6213 9288

South Africa

SG Distributors
P: +27 11 444 9050
Johannesburg, South Africa 2148

Indian Subcontinent

(India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives)
Sharad Mohan
P: +91-124-4894800

All Other Markets

International Sales Director
Laurie Kelly
P: (978) 465-0576