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Cal Garrison

Cal Garrison has been a professional astrologer since the 1970s. In 1992, Cal began writing weekly astrological columns for The Mountain Times in Killington, Vermont, and then later for Wisdom Magazine, Detroit Metro Times, and the Associated Press. She is the author of several books and lives in Arizona. Photo Credit: Andrew Ciccarelli

The Astrology of 2012 and Beyond (Paperback)
The Lunar Gospel (Paperback)
         The Complete Guide to Your Astrological Moon

The Old Girls' Book of Dreams (Paperback)
         How to Make Your Wishes Come True Day by Day and Night By Night

The Old Girls' Book of Spells (Paperback)
         The Real Meaning of Menopause, Sex, Car Keys, and Other Important Stuff about Magic

The Weiser Field Guide to Ascension (Paperback)
         The Meaning of Miracles and Shifts in Consciousness Past and Present

Witch on the Go (Paperback)
         A Book of Spells to Take with You