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Rose Inserra

Rose Inserra is the author of Dream Reading Cards, Dreams, Dream Journal, and Dictionary of Dreams, which sold over 500,000 copies worldwide. She has also written over 60 children’s books, and her work is published and marketed internationally. Rose is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and appears regularly as a columnist in print media and as a guest speaker on radio.

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Aliens and the Unexplained (Hardcover)
         Bizarre, Strange, and Mysterious Phenomena of our Galaxy (Book Two: The Supernatural Series)

Avalon Magic
         (Mini Inspiration Cards)

Dream Journal (Wire)
Dream Reading Cards (Paperback)
         Awaken your intuitive subconscious

Dreams (Paperback)
         What Your Subconscious Wants to Tell You

Dreams Updated Edition (Paperback)
         What Your Subconscious Wants To Tell You

The Gift of Dreams (Paperback)
         Discover the Power of the Dream Realm and Your Subconscious Self

Inside Your Dreams (Paperback)
         An Advanced Guide to Your Night Visions

Mists of Avalon Oracle (Paperback)
Sweet Dreams
         Night-Time Affirmations Before Bed