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Hector Salva

Born and raised in a family of brujos (witchdoctors, healers, and sorcerers) that practiced 21 Divisions, Sanse, and Puerto Rican Espiritismo, Hector Salva (Papa Hector) started training as a brujo in 1989 and initiated in his family lineages of 21 Divisions and Sanse. He was raised by his grandmother, Dona Juana Acevedo, bruja and Espiritista. In 2003, Papa Hector was initiated into Haitian Voodoo as a Houngan Asogwe, a high priest of the Asson lineage. Papa Hector is the author, the internetís largest source of information on Haitian, Dominican, and Puerto Rican Voodoo traditions. He is also the author of, and over a half a dozen other spiritual websites. In addition to the authorís strong online presence, he teaches workshops domestically and internationally.

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The 21 Divisions (Paperback)
         Mysteries and Magic of Dominican Voodoo

Espiritismo (Paperback)
         Puerto Rican Mediumship & Magic