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Lorriane Anderson

Lorriane Anderson is the founder of Spirit Element, a spiritual wellness boutique, and The Spirit Guides, a blog devoted to modern mysticism. She has more than ten years’ experience as an herbalist, aromatherapist, crystal healer, and practitioner of magical and earth-based arts. She draws her practice from her varied cultural heritage, which includes Beninese, Romanian, and Irish.

Affirmations (Paperback)
         Words of Inner Wisdom

Happiness: Words of Inner Joy
         (40 Full-Color Inspiration Cards)

Seasons of the Witch – Beltane Oracle (Paperback)
         44 Gilded-Edge Cards and 144 Page Book

Seasons of the Witch: Samhain Oracle (Paperback)
         Harness the intuitive power of the year's most magical night

Seasons of the Witch: Yule Oracle
         44 gilded cards and 144-page book