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Amaia Dadachanji

Amaia Dadachanji encountered herbal medicine whilst living and working on organic farms abroad over twenty years ago. Inspired by a naturopath she had met, Amaia embarked on a 4 year degree course in Herbal Medicine in London, finishing with a first class degree, several awards and a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from her mentors who included the inspiring Christopher Hedley.  She then travelled to Ecuador and India to broaden her knowledge and explore Ayurveda and the use of herbal medicine within this system of healing. Her return to the UK found her relocating to the Gloucestershire countryside, where she started her family and built her practice as a medical herbalist. Amaia runs her Wild Apothecary clinic set amidst a beautiful plant nursery, treating clients and running courses and workshops.

Wild Apothecary (Paperback)
         Reclaiming Plant Medicine for All