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Maureen Smith

Maureen Smith lives full tilt as much as possible. She's a hypnotherapist and newsletter publisher, who's also been a recruiter and volunteer trainer for Shanti, a stock broker, a financial planner, a teacher of meditation, English, and kindergarten - where she learned a lot! She's assisted a jewelry designer and managed a warehouse. She's been an Avon lady, an interior designer, a wife, a cook for summer camps, and a drug store clerk. She's still a parent, although her children are grown. She does Tai Chi, sings, plays the guitar (like many self-described, self-respecting sixties chicks), checks in, meditates, and hangs out. She drinks plenty of water, but doesn't walk on it.

The ABCs of Full Tilt Living (Paperback)
         Insights and Inspirations from A-Z

Full Tilt Living (Hardcover)
         Live in the Moment Even When It Stinks! Find the Juicy Parts and Let the World Know You Are Here