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Michelle Belanger

Michelle Belanger's childhood could be a story straight from Ray Bradbury's October Country". Her small Midwest town featured a haunted public library, and it celebrated the return of flights of turkey vultures every year on the Ides of March. Her home life was stranger still. Raised by her maternal grandmother, psychic experiences and ghostly phenomenon were common occurrences in the Belanger household -- but were only discussed behind closed doors.

Her estranged grandfather's family included healers, tea-leaf readers, and circus freaks who openly embraced their extraordinary gifts.

Afflicted with a life-threatening heart defect from birth, Michelle endured both out of body experiences and near death experiences before the age of five. Her mother believed that these traumatic brushes with death made Michelle more sensitive to psychic phenomenon. Michelle herself believes that her skills arise from a combination of genetics, environment, and fate.

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