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Barbara Ardinger, PhD

Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D. is a Witch, teacher, and freelance writer and editor. Her book reviews have appeared in SageWoman, PanGaia, newWitch, Gnosis, and other magazines. She earned her doctorate in English Renaissance Literature and has studied the Tarot, Reiki, numerology, color healing, and the Qabalah. She holds a third degree initiation from a secret occult order, is an initiated Dianic Witch, and has been a member of the Fellowship of Isis since 1978. Ardinger is the author of several books including Goddess Meditations, Practicing the Presence of the Goddess, and A Woman's Book of Rituals and Celebrations. The chambermaid for her 20-year-old cat, she lives in Long Beach, California.

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Pagan Every Day (Paperback)
         Finding the Extraordinary in Our Ordinary Lives