Allan L. Botkin,PsyD, received his Doctor of Psychology degree from Baylor University in 1983. For the next twenty years he worked in private practice and as a staff psychologist for the Department of Veterans Affairs in the Chicago area. He is currently the director of The Center for Grief and Traumatic Loss, LLC in Libertyville, Illinois. Author websites: and R. Craig Hogan, PhD, is the owner and director of the Business Writing Center, an online school that trains business writers around the world ( He is the author of Explicit Business Writing, a book describing today’s best practices in business writing. He has been the interpersonal development coordinator at a graduate school where he taught interpersonal growth, administrator at two universities and a medical school, and professor of communication at three universities. He co-authored a book for school administrators, teaching them how to work more cooperatively and productively with teachers, and is co-author of Personal Styles Inventory based on Carl Jung’s work.

Books by Allan L. Botkin PsyD