Bruce and Daniella Fenton are a husband and wife team who investigate the deepest mysteries of history and science, those strange holes in the story that are known to science as anomalies. Bruce R. Fenton is an Ancient Mysteries researcher and author of The Forgotten Exodus and founder of He graduated from Anglia Ruskin University in 2002, having studied Information Systems. Bruce is a world traveler and public speaker, his research activities have featured in the UK’s Telegraph Newspaper and has headed an expedition into the Caucasus mountains in search of giant’s bones with a team from Science Channel.. He is a current member of both the Palaeoanthropology Society and the Scientific and Medical Network. He has written for New Dawn and appeared on Coast to Coast. Daniella Fenton is a highly regarded therapist and professional intuitive with several years of training in Andean shamanism gained while living in Ecuador. Bruce and Daniella are popular speakers on many radio shows and their research work has been featured in books and magazine.

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