Dana Micucci has enjoyed a decades-long career as a journalist, writing about culture, travel, and spirituality for many well-known publications. A dynamic speaker, and teacher and practitioner of ancient mystery-school wisdom, she conducts transformational talks, workshops, retreats, and sacred journeys worldwide. Based in Taos, New Mexico, after many years in New York City, she also has a private healing and mentoring practice rooted in her extensive shamanic training. Dana is the author of The Third Muse and Sojourns of the Soul: One Woman's Journey around the World. Visit her at danamicucci.com.Mieshiel is a visionary artist who received a BFA in graphic design from the prestigious California Institute of the Arts. He cofounded Temple Art Performance (TAP) in Los Angeles, a major center for avant-garde art installations. More recently, his work was featured alongside visionary artists Alex Grey and the late Pablo Amaringo in “Shamanic Illuminations” at ACA Galleries in New York City. Visit him at mieshiel.com.

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