David Rye is the founder and president of Western Publication, a company that specializes in publishing how-to books addressing baby boomer retirement and financial needs. He has an MBA from Seattle University, was a director for IBM, and taught finance at the University of Colorado before he formed Western Publications in 2000. David’s goal is to help baby boomers:Achieve their retirement goals to retire in $tyleSupplement and protect their retirement incomeFind great investment options that are safeAs a nationally recognized author, he has published over 20 books that have been translated into dozens of languages. His books include Achieving Financial Independence, Starting Up, and 1001 Ways to Inspire Yourself. He has addressed thousands of people in talk shows and seminars throughout the country on what it takes to retire successfully. David’s goal is to help you achieve your personal financial goals so that you can retire in a style.

Books by David E. Rye