An American psychologist who lives in Kathmandu, Nepal and Reiki Master for more than twenty five years, Paula Horan Ph.D. (Laxmi Dechen Wangmo) has adapted the best of the East and West to convey ways to calm the mind and raise the life force energy. Paula is widely known in Asia for her Jnana Yoga, Core Empowerment retreats, which point participants to a direct experience of non-dual awareness, as well as for her special gift with EFT, which helps clear the obstacles that block our ability to be fully present and enjoy life with a true sense of contentment. After spending over twenty years in India, Nepal, and China, where she travels and leads seminars and retreats, she is now available to a wider audience through her online radio show, Karma Clearing: Complete The Past, Experience Love Now, at A recipient of the Inner Flame award presented by former Prime Minister of India, I.K. Gujral, Paula is a bestselling author of 8 books on Reiki, Non-Dual Awareness and Alternative Health. Her latest book, Fierce Innocence: The Essential Road Map For Living Life’s Purpose In Challenging Times, which she also calls her spiritual autobiography, takes her readers beyond mentally repairing their problems, to dropping the “problem” mind altogether. Find out more about Paula’s programs at

Books by Dr. Laxmi Paula Horan