G. Randy Kasten is an attorney with twenty-five years of experience in litigation and legal transaction work. Kasten’s experience includes jury trials, bench trials, arbitrations, mediations and appellate work. He has sat as a judge and acted as an arbitrator, has written about thirty legal articles and edited newsletters on legal subjects. Kasten has given public presentations on legal topics as well as continuing education seminars for lawyers. Much of Just Trust Me: Finding the Truth in a World of Spin is the result of Kasten’s experience in litigation. Seeing patterns in why lies were told and how they were structured, he was inspired to write a useful book to help people get the facts. The author has also worked in a coffee bar, in warehouses, as a performer in a theatrical road show in England and as an undercover restaurant security officer. At Reed College, Kasten majored in American Studies, exploring the effects of economic conditions, education and technology on individual belief systems. He acted on television and in local theatre productions at a young age. His mother ran a county library system so he learned at an early age what a tremendous difference access to information makes in people’s lives.

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