James Olson is an integral philosopher whose studies have included business, engineering, art, Eastern and Western religion, language, psychology, and brain perspective. Olson has traveled extensively throughout Europe; lived in Austria, France, and Germany; and attended Oklahoma State University, the University of Vienna, Oklahoma University, the University of Missouri at Kansas City, and the Kansas City Art Institute. As a practicing philosopher, Olson has worked most of his life to unify his understanding of material things, ideas, and spiritual energies by embracing concepts that are in harmony with one another. A former church deacon and farmer, as well as a state and national winner in 4-H, Olson starts with a core of conservative farm and Christian values, and into that integrates the complementary perspective of Eastern religion, the liberal perspective of Europe, the wisdom of ancient Egypt, the facts of science, the discipline of business, and the unique spiritual insights offered by modern revelation. Following the unifying guidelines of philosophy and drawing on his broad education, Olson has made it his mission to help bring the planet’s masculine and feminine energies into greater harmony and a more peaceful state, through his advocacy of whole-brain thinking.

Books by James Olson