Jolene Tierney has a background in sociology and the esoteric arts of psychic channeling, Reiki, Sekhem, Tantra, and other healing modalities. Her experience as a therapist has provided the platform for delivering unique insight into how the supernatural dimensions are interwoven with our own. She is dedicated to sharing information that allows us to remember the truth of who we are. She currently works within the charity field. Jason Tierney is qualified in various hypnosis techniques but favors Dolores Cannon’s method because of the access to Source that it provides. He has completed nearly two hundred sessions in the eight years since learning the technique from Dolores herself; thirty-four are contained within this book. His extensive study of the spiritual aspects of life has proven immensely beneficial in understanding the intricacies of delving into past lives, future lives, and other dimensions. Jolene and Jason reside in the Illawarra, on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia.

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