Joma Sipe owns a studio in the City of Vila Nova de Gaia, near Portugal. Early in his career, he painted ordinary motifs as landscapes and facades, using oils and acrylics with exuberant colors. Soon, he realized he could use his paintings to express his inner spiritual feelings and promptly began to do so. At the age of 17, Joma saw an advertisement in the local newspaper advertizing “Meditation and Concentration Courses,” and upon arriving found himself at a mystical school called “The Gnostic Movement.” He stayed there for some time, learning deeper occult and esoteric knowledge about every mystical aspect of all the world’s religions and philosophies. These teachings and experiences would become the basis of all his art. Joma’s painting process starts with a simple blank canvas, where he sits and waits for inspiration. Once this happens, he begins drawing lines with gold and silver ink, using Sacred Geometry to create his designs. He then uses intuition and his own inner vision to locate and enhance energy points throughout the painting. In each work, there exists a dispersion and concentration of light that emanates from each line. The principle goal in each painting is to transmit an inner spiritual image or sacred feeling through these lines and energy points.

Books by Joma Sipe