Kate Mantello is a master energy healer, creator of the Transpersonal Crystal Healing modality, and founder of Evolve Healing Institute, a world-class international training platform for crystal and energy healing practitioners. Since its launch in 2017, Evolve Healing Institute has delivered over 20,000 online crystal healing courses and trained over 1,000 certified crystal healing practitioners around the world. As a lifelong spiritual rebel, Kate has always lived life by her own rules. She is passionate about personal development and has learned to trust her intuition and be courageous when it comes to following her true path. When she is not writing, teaching, and presenting, she can be found rocking out to nineties grunge music, sweating at the gym, and enjoying life on the Australia’s Sunshine Coast with her Canadian hubby and two free-spirited kids. Visit her at katemantello.com or evolvehealing.net.

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